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Teeth whitening veneers

by 18 year old, answer by the Dentist

Teeth whitening veneers: Veneers versus tooth whitening? Is this a question you have had to ask yourself concering what dental treatment to choose? One of the readers has a relevant question:

Hi. I have had opinions from two dentists but have still not been able to decide. My front tooth's nerve is dead. And the tooth has already discoloured. The first doctor suggested, I whiten my teeth, get a crown and then add 4 veneers to the surrounding teeth because I have fillings. The second dentist advised that I get a veneer instead of a crown and whiten my teeth at home with a home kit. I have just turned eighteen and my teeth are more yellow than white. What do you suggest? Thank you for your time.

Teeth whitening, veneers, or crowns are wide different treatments. Tooth whitening is a chemical treatment done at the dental office or at home (I strongly recommend whitening products bought at the dentist’s office – these are the only one safe enough). Usually you bleach your teeth “from the outside”, that is, you get a tray/spoon costomized to fit to your teeth and you fill this up with bleaching mass before you put the whole thing on your teeth. Another alternative, with teeth with root canals, is internal bleaching. The dentist opens up the root filling and puts in a bleaching material that stays inside for a day or two or three, depending on the colour of the tooth.

A veneer is usually a more estetic alternative than a crown, since it’s more translucent and you can also keep more of your own tooth since the dentist only grindes away the enamel. For a crown you need to grind more, and a crown is usually not recommended in the anterior region, since it’s less translucent and does not give as good estetics as a veneer.

In your case, I would definitely try an internal bleaching for your discolorated tooth, and perhaps external (home) bleaching for the rest of your teeth if you feel that you need this. You could also think about changing your fillings, if they are discolourated. You should do this after you have bleach the teeth and not before! You are also very young, so your should be careful with doing too much with your teeth – less is more, I would say! Bleaching is usually harmless, but be aware that you can feel some enhanced sensitivity during and after the bleaching process. Nevertheless, I would recommend this before veneers and crowns.

Good luck with your teeth whitening!

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