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Terrified of the dentist

by Susie
(Chino Valley AZ)

Terrified of the dentist

Terrified of the dentist

My phobia is so bad that in my mid 30s I had to have all my top teeth pulled and was given dentures. I'm terrified of the dentist. I've had problems with the dentures for 5 years and have been able to only wear them for 3 months in total. They do not fit. I have a gag problem, I also have problem with bad dry mouth with the dentures in. I was told that is it not uncommon. I am told that I am the perfect candidate for implants.

Back to my fear, when I was 18 I had perfect teeth, then my wisdom teeth came in and I went to a dentist and he did not numb me enough. I could feel everything.

Every time I now step into the dental office I hyperventilate, my blood pressure drops and I am terrified. I was even given a go from the dental insurance company to pull more than the normal 2 teeth a day, so that I could do it all in one sitting.

I am only 41 but this fear has ruined my life. I even missed my 20th reunion because the way I look

There you go, that's my dental fear story.

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