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Tooth Ache
What You Should Know

Tooth Ache Tooth ache can be excruciating and extremely disturbing. It can get in the way of your daily activities and can make you feel pain a thousand times larger than the cause: your tooth. Tooth ache is often defined as pain that occurs in the teeth and jaw area. Extreme cases usually affect most parts of the face.

The culprit behind tooth ache is pulpitis, which refers to an inflamed pulp of the tooth. This usually causes intensified sensitivity of the teeth, so you feel sharp aches whenever your teeth are exposed to hot or cold stimuli.

Important Things to Know about Tooth Ache

 A couple of the important things to know about tooth ache include:

  • Causes of Aching Tooth
  • Preventing Aching Tooth

1. Causes of Aching Tooth

There are many things that can cause tooth ache. The top cause is, of course, tooth decay, which is the destruction of the tooth itself. However, your tooth may also get prematurely damaged due to fractures or cracks, which can also be quite painful. Sometimes, cracks are unseen, so it is important to have aching tooth checked out to see whether it is caused by a cracked tooth. Pain can also be caused by a tooth root that becomes exposed due to receding or damaged gums. There are also instances when your tooth pulp gets irritated after you receive dental treatment due to the treatment itself or the materials used.

There are also other factors that can make you feel an aching in your teeth but has nothing to do with your teeth. Sometimes, pain signals are just what they are – signals that something is painful, but they usually point to a general direction, thus making you think that your teeth are aching when in fact, other parts of your jaw are in pain. For example, various types of gum diseases such as gum abscess, gum ulceration, and inflammation of the gum can all cause pain in your teeth. You might also think that a tooth is painful when the gum around it swells up as a new tooth growth is underway. This is commonly felt before a wisdom tooth breaks through.

2. Preventing Tooth Ache

Any condition that causes you to feel pain in your teeth should be prevented at all costs, if you can. The best course of action is to provide proper and thorough care to your teeth and to pay adequate attention to your gums as well. Maintain a proper and regular brushing regimen using good dental hygiene products such as a good toothbrush and a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Flossing can also help keep your mouth and clean free from food debris that can get stuck between your teeth.

Also, since the leading cause of aching tooth is tooth decay, which, in turn, can be attributed to the buildup of sticky food residues on the teeth, it is also important to watch what you eat. Sugary foods tend to be the most detrimental to your dental health since sugary residues stick the hardest to the teeth surfaces.

And of course, there’s no better way to ensure that your teeth are perfectly healthy than to pay a visit to your dentist regularly. Problems with tooth ache are often treatable especially if you pay early attention to it and no complications have arisen. If you prolong treatment, you might fall prey to infections, which will delay the treatment process and can cause you even heavier pain.

Why Should Tooth Ache Be Given Top Priority?

Any form of tooth ache that you experience should be given top position in your priority list. Make sure to schedule a visit to your dentist to have the tooth checked out as a way to ensure that there will be no bigger problems.

If ache in your tooth is ignored, the affected pulp of your tooth will eventually die and be infected. This will cause dental abscess, which can be rather painful and is already a constant dull pain when pressure is applied on the tooth.

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