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Tooth extraction during pregnancy

by Kimberly, answer by the Dentist
(Roswell, GA)

During pregnancy, one wishes to do everything to keep the baby safe and sound. When the mother needs dental care, it is usually wise to wait until the baby is born, if the treatment not an emergency case, that is trauma, severe pain or infection. Kimberly has a question about this:

For the past two nights I haven't got any sleep because the teeth in the back between the molar and the one before it are really really hurting me. I have no dental insurance or insurance period. But I am OK to do a pay plan, the only set back is that I am in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Can i get the tooth x-rayed or find out what's wrong without hurting the baby? And if not what can i do to ease the pain so i can finally sleep?

Dear Kimberly,
Tooth extraction during pregnancy is not something that dentists or patients easily go through. Although pregnancy is not a disease, one needs to make special considerations when dental treatment is required. First of all it is necessary to prevent genetic damage to the baby. Preferably, one wants to defer any elective dental treatment until the baby is born. Nevertheless, this is not always possible, since emergency situations can occur also during pregnancy. If your tooth is infected, it should be treated or removed, since having an infection is potentially harmful to your baby. If surgery during pregnancy cannot be postponed, one should do everything one can to not expose the baby to harmful factors. Taking an x-ray of a tooth while you are pregnant can be done using a lead apron shield that covers the upper part of your body. When it comes to pain killers, you should avoid aspirin in the third trimester since it has anticoagulant properties. All sedative drugs should be avoided during pregnancy.

My best advise is to visit your dentist, so he or she can take care of you – and your baby! You will also get advice whether is it wise or not to perform tooth extraction during pregnancy.

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