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White spots on teeth

by Mark, answer by the Dentist

White spots on teeth can be caused by either inheritary developmental errors or to tooth diseases. One of the readers asked: "Is it normal for the anterior teeth to have tiny bubbles in the front surface of them?" He is quite worried and has this story to tell about his white spots on teeth:

I have had several anterior composite fillings (about 4 years) because of some staining and a couple because of cavities. It seems like my teeth are falling apart now, or either I am paranoid. I am not sure what to do? I am not sure if these bubbles are normal. What dental bonding be a good option for me? Seems like my teeth are changing. I have brushed with Flouridex for the past several months...and when my teeth are really dry, there are like white spots between some of my teeth, and around where some teeth meet the gumline, where I have had some dental work. I am so worried. Please help.

Dear Mark,
Thank you for submitting your question; I am sure that you are not the only one struggling with this problem! You say that you have white spots on your teeth, between some of the teeth and also where the teeth meet the gumline. The first thing that I can come up with, is that this is caries in the beginning stadium, the active form. That is, your enamel has started to decalcinate, which is due to the accumulation of plaque in the area, further acid formation, which causes decalcination and caries in the enamel. The enamel dissolves and therefore you see this white, not shiny colour. If you have some fillings in the anterior areas, these will most probably have small edges that retain plaque, that is, the transition area between tooth and filling is not homogenous and smooth. The filling material widely used by dentists today, composite, also retains more plaque than both tooth enamel and other dentistry materials amalgamam and crowns/veneers.

The bad news is that this is caries, your teeth are diseased and it is due to insufficient oral hygiene and/or diet habits with lots of easily fermentable carbohydrates and sugar. The good news is that you are able to stop it before it comes into the dentine, the "tooth bone" beyond the enamel. By quitting using sugar - be aware of sugar on your coffee, Coca-cola, cinnamon buns etc, and do not eat these foods between meals and like snacks! You should also always use fluorided tooth paste and supply with a fluoride rinse every evening. be aware of the way you brush your teeth - brush softly, but thoroughly between the teeth and between the teeth and the gum line - this is where the plaque forms most easily! You should also visit your dentist, he or she will make sure that your teeth - and fillings - are OK, and can also give you some hands-on tips about oral hygiene.

So good luck, Mark, with your white spots on teeth!

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