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X-rays of teeth

by Karen from Lombard, answer by the Dentist

X-rays of teeth is a very important part of dental examination and treatment. X-rays of teeth is necessary for seeing what's inside the teeth and what's inside the jaw bone. Looking clinically at the teeth in the mouth one can only see part of the teeth. It's like seeing the top of the iceberg, and the rest is under water. The same is true for teeth. Karen has a comment:

Why does every dentist want x-rays of the teeth? Can I get my teeth cleaned without x-rays?

Dear Karen,
X-rays of teeth is a necessary tool which a dentist can not work without. Of course you can have your teeth cleaned without an x-ray examination, but it will not be a full examination or treatment as the dentist will not be able to find out whether there is pathology in your teeth or jaw. Some patients are afraid of x-rays because they fear the radiation. Well, x-rays of teeth performed at a dental office has an extremely low radiation dosis. Think of all the radiation we get from the universe, from food we eat, cell phones, computers - not to talk about our holiday trips flying with with an aircraft. X-rays of teeth is a safe and important part of the dental treatment and is absolutely recommended!

Good luck with your x-rays of teeth!

Best regards,
The Dentist

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