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Aetna Dental Insurance
A Topnotch Dental Insurance Provider

Aetna dental insurance is one of the most popular dental insurance plans around.

The Aetna name has been linked to affordable health and dental care. Aetna has products for individuals, families, and corporate groups.

They offer a wide range of dental insurance plans that you can choose from so you can find the plan that’s best for your needs.

Aetna is also a well-recognized health insurance provider in the industry. The company has committed itself to providing good health and dental care to individuals, and even to the military.

Now, the company is considered as a topnotcher in Fortune’s List of Most Admired Health Insurers, gathering only great ratings from industry experts.

All You Need to Know about the Aetna Plans

All important things that you need to know about Aetna dental insurance includes:

  • Aetna: Company Information
  • Available Aetna Dental Plans
  • Other Aetna Benefits

1. Aetna: Company Information

Aetna Dental InsuranceAetna is considered as a leader in the health insurance industry.

They have gathered together an impressive listing of clients due to their diverse offers and committed service. Not only do they offer great insurance products; they also serve sincerely and wholeheartedly.

The company has been around since the year 1850, when it started out as an insurance company that arranged an annuity fund for life insurance. Over the years, they transferred to various locations and worked with several field experts to bring consumers only the best insurance deals. They also widened their offerings to claim a greater part of the market.

Now, they continue to come up with ways of making consumer’s lives better through affordable and competent health and dental care. Despite their wide range of offers, they became more popular due to the Aetna dental insurance plans they offer, and especially since they also offer affordable discount dental plans.

2. Available Aetna Dental Plans

Aetna’s dental plans are available under Aetna Individual Advantage Dental, which further breaks down into two great dental insurance plans based on age groups. First, they have a dental plan for individuals aged 49 and below and another for people aged 50 and above.

These Aetna dental insurance plans offer coverage for preventive care such as cleanings and x-rays, basic dental care such as fillings, extractions, and root canals, as well as major dental services such as dentures, bridges, crowns, and others.

Then they have the Vital Savings by Aetna, which is their special discount program for those with budget concerns but would still like access to good dental care. The Vital Savings Aetna dental plan is not an insurance plan, but a discount program that offers more than just dental care. It also provides pharmacy discounts as well as good deals on vision care.

This highly beneficial discount program also gives you access to excellent dentists, vision care professionals, as well as pharmacies.

Aside from their individual plans, Aetna also offers plans for families and groups.

3. Other Aetna Benefits

Aetna dental coverage also brings a great range of benefits. They currently work with more than 66, 000 dental locations all over the country.

You can also be sure that all the dentists working with Aetna have good credentials and are under a quality management program. Under a dental plan from Aetna, you can get anywhere from 15% to 50% of savings on your dental procedures, from minor to major ones. You can also get discounts for special dental care such as orthodontics and periodontics.

Why Choose Aetna Dental Coverage ?

Aetna dental insurance is preferred by a lot of individuals and families. There are many reasons to choose dental insurance from Aetna.

First, they provide excellent plans that give you a whole range of benefits. It also provides affordable insurance plans that you can afford. Finally, they are known for great service and customer support dedicated to make your choice easy to make by providing you with complete and clear information about their offered plans.

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