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Family Dental Insurance 101
The Essential Facts

Dental insurance for families is one of the things that parents and families are especially thankful for.

Dental care is a very sensitive topic. Most dentists recommend that dental care should start at an early age, so that the teeth are able to maintain its natural healthy state.

However, for parents, especially in big families, it could be pretty challenging to handle the costs of dental health care for every member of the family. And since continuous dental care is necessary, the costs just keep on coming. And they are also continuously increasing.

One solution to this is to avail of family dental insurance.

Let’s take a closer look at what you can get out of it and how you can obtain one for your family.

Things to Know about Family Dental Coverage

A few important points to note when considering the family dental insurance:

  • Why You Need Family Dental
  • How it Works
  • Types of Family Dental Plans

1. Why You Need Family Dental

Family Dental InsuranceThe importance of family dental insurance becomes even greater especially since it involves your loved ones.

There is also no need to stress the reasons why you need a dental insurance that already provides coverage for your entire family: dental health care is just too expensive.

And although you can get lower rates on dental costs with an individual dental plan, you are only protecting yourself. If you have a family, your best and most affordable option is to avail of a dental insurance that protects every member of your family.

It will cost you a lot less than getting individual insurance plans for every member. Also, big families can get amazing rates. Since dental care is a must for everyone, family dental insurance is then a must for every family.

2. How it Works

In a family insurance package, you only have to worry about one application process and one policy. The policy already covers all the members of your family.

Take note, however, that the protection provided by a family insurance only covers immediate family, meaning your spouse and your children. If you have young children, the costs of your family insurance can even further decrease.

Most dental insurance packages for families include basic dental care such as checkups, cleanings, x-rays, and fillings, and some also covers special dental services such as orthodontics and root canals. The coverage often includes these procedures, but the list may vary from one coverage to another, so before signing up for any plan, clarify the coverage first.

3. Types of Family Dental Plans

To give options to families, family dental also comes in many different types.

First, there is family managed care dental insurance or a family dental DHMO or PPO plan. These are similar to the corresponding individual insurance plans, aside from the fact that they cover entire families. In these plans, you still have to pay for your dental treatments when you visit your dentist, but you get to enjoy great discounts which will be paid for by your dental plan. The only requirement is that you go to a dentist or a clinic that belongs to the list given to you by your dental plan provider.

These plans, however, involve less paperwork and a shorter application process.

Next, there’s the family indemnity dental insurance plan, which gives you the freedom to choose your own dentist. Take note that every member of your family is given this right, so each of you can actually have a different dentist.

However, these plans follow a claims-by-reimbursement process, which means you have to cash out for your visit then only get the money reimbursed to you afterwards.

Lastly, you can also avail of family discount dental plans.

These are actually different from dental insurance, but all the same, they are dental plans that provide affordable dental coverage for your whole family. In these plans, you do not need to make any claims from your dental insurance provider. You just have to present a membership card, which will be your ticket to discounted rates.

Benefits of Dental Insurance to Your Family

Family dental insurance will be highly beneficial for your family.

Not only do you get to save money, you also protect every member of your family against tooth problems.

Aside from that, applying for a family dental plan takes less time than handling every single application process for plans for each of your family members. If you have a family, then there is no better option for you.

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