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Military Dental Insurance
What You Need to Know

Military dental insurance is a great way for military workers to receive proper dental care. If you are involved in military service, you are entitled to dental benefits provided by the government.

Most military dental plans cover all basic dental procedures not just for you but also for your family. Not only that, but if you are a retired military personnel, you can still avail of some dental benefits for you and your family.

Through military dental benefits, the government is showing its way of recognizing your contribution to your country.

And for you to be able to make the best out of the dental plan provided for you, you should know all you can about it.

The Facts

Some important facts to know about military dental insurance:

  • What it is Military Dental
  • What’s the Difference ?
  • What are your Options?

1. What Is Military Dental

Military Dental InsuranceMilitary dental insurance is geared towards two main purposes.

First, it is part of the overall health benefits that the government provides for its military personnel in recognition and appreciation of your service.

Aside from that, it also protects military personnel from any dental problems that may be caused by the risks they face as they carry out their duties as military workers. This is to also recognize that military personnel may have special needs with regards to their health because of their job. They may also be often travelling, so they do not have the chance to avail of regular dental care.

And since they are often exposed to dangerous and uncontrollable situations, they are also in danger of being placed in unexpected situations where they might need health care. Aside from that, due to the risky nature of their jobs, their families also need the extra protection. That’s what military dental insurance is for.  

2. What’s the Difference?

Military dental plans are different from regular dental plans since military personnel expectedly have different and more specialized needs.

Thus, military dental insurance are usually more comprehensive than regular dental insurance. For one thing, the military plans cover more procedures, including treatments for some special dental problems such as dental and gum injuries, especially those sustained while a military personnel is in duty.

Aside from that, military dental plans should be more flexible since military personnel are often travelling and must be able to avail of dental care anywhere in the world, especially if they are based overseas.

3. What are your Options?

When it comes to military dental insurance, military personnel are entitled to two different kinds of dental plans. The first is the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program or FEHB, which now provides dental benefits to millions of federal employees in the country.

The program’s dental coverage is comprehensive and provides coverage for federal employees as well as for their families.

Military personnel can also receive dental benefits from the Department of Defense’s TriCare Dental Program or TDP.

This applies to all active duty military personnel, the reserves, and the National Guards. The families or dependents of all uniformed military personnel are also protected under this plan. The program meets the special needs of the military personnel and can be availed of all over the world.

TriCare Military Dental Coverage

The TriCare military dental plan is a voluntary plan that has been active since 2001. It also has some branches, such as the TriCare Retiree Dental Program, which is for retirees and their families.

The TriCare dental plan provides full coverage for a wide range of dental procedures, from diagnostic, preventive, and even emergency services. Sealants, however, are exempted from the full coverage and are only covered up to 80%.

The program also shoulders partial costs of special dental procedures such as root canals, extractions, crowns, periodontics, and orthodontics, among several others.

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