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Aetna Dental Providers
What You’ll Get by Getting an Aetna Dental Plan

Aetna dental providers can give you the dental insurance assistance that you need in the most professional, consumer-oriented, need-focused way possible.

Aetna has been part of the dental insurance market that it has successfully gained the approval of many consumers, making it one of the largest, most renowned dental insurance providers in the market.

Aetna is a name trusted not only in the dental insurance industry; it has also managed to establish trust in the health insurance market, pharmacy insurance market, disability insurance market, and many others.

Though Aetna has various offers for individuals, it has a different way of reaching out to consumers and encouraging them to pursue affordable dental care regularly.

Aetna does this by targeting individuals at the group level. What do we mean by this?

Aetna has several offers targeted to groups, and the company actively looks for more partnerships with various companies and organizations to help them provide Aetna dental providers to employees and members.

Here are some benefits you’ll surely enjoy from Aetna dental care.

Special Benefits from Aetna

  • Pocket-friendly membership fees
  • The best dentists in the field
  • Unique special offers

1. Pocket-friendly membership fees

aetna dental providersYou can access reduced fees from Aetna dental providers by availing of the different dental care coverage offers of the company.

Aetna offers two different plans: Aetna Dental Access and Vital Savings.

Both plans will give you discounted rates on most of your dental procedures and give you access to some of the best and most highly established and recognized dentists in the land.

In order to become a member of the Aetna dental plans and enjoy the many discount opportunities membership will offer you, all you have to do is apply to become a member then pay the required membership fee.

For the Aetna Dental Access plan, membership is very cheap. It will cost you only $104.95 for each individual member; in exchange, you get plenty of discounts. Families can enroll in a single plan for only $159.95. Discounts range between 15% to 50% and applies to all types of dental procedures including specialist care such as oral surgery, braces, and so on.

For the Vital Savings plan, the membership fee is increased a bit to $134.95 for individuals and $179.95 for families. This includes all types of dental procedures and coverage is a bit higher. The difference is that the Vital Savings Plan entitles members to a series of special benefits you will learn about later on.

2. The best dentists in the field

Yes, Aetna may offer a good overall dental plan package with a great price and good coverage.

But if its dental service quality isn’t good, there’s no way this company is going to make it on top.

Fortunately, however, Aetna dental providers, dentists who have partnered with Aetna, are all highly credentialed dentists. They have been carefully selected and screened to make sure that Aetna planholders get only maximum dental care quality.

Currently, Aetna gives its members access to more than 66,000 Aetna dental providers all under contract to provide you with superior dental care at reduced prices.

3. Unique special offers

Several other popular dental insurance companies in the industry offers good dentists, reduced fees, and low membership fees. In fact, some charge even lower membership fees. But what really makes an Aetna dental plan worth paying for more than the other offers in the market are its unique special offers.

It isn’t uncommon for dental packages to include certain health care discounts.

Most companies stop at providing discounted vision and hearing care. Aetna dental providers, however, don’t stop with just that. Aetna offers discounts on pharmaceutical drugs, books, Zagat services, weight management programs, fitness programs, and Salon Wish services. All in all, you get ten unique special offers on top of your regular dental coverage.

More Than the Usual Fare

The dental plans offered by Aetna provides you with more than just the usual fare of dental programs offered to consumers.

Aetna also caters to those who have special dental care needs.

This includes various groups including federal employees, labor groups, expats, and so on. Aetna offers the Aetna Dental PPO plan or FEDVIP, a standalone dental plan especially designed for federal employees. This is just one example of the special programs offered by Aetna.

The company offers more than 100,000 Aetna dental providers that can provide affordable dental work on federal employees.

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