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Inexpensive Dental Insurance
How to Find Inspensive Dental Plans

Inexpensive dental insuranceis not impossible – it just takes some patience to find.

Dental health is neglected by a lot of people, and sometimes not really intentional, what with the soaring prices of dental care. One way of ensuring that your teeth stays healthy is to get a dental insurance policy that can help lower the costs of your dental treatments.

Discounted dental insurance plans comes in many different packages. You can avail of PPO plans, HMO plans, and discount dental plans, which promises discounts for all your dental treatment needs.

Some Low Cost Options You Can Check Out

Some of the lower cost dental insurance options you can checkout include:

  • Aetna Dental Access
  • Patriot Dental Plan
  • Dentemax Discount Plan

1. Aetna Dental Access

inexpensive dental insuranceAetna Dental Access offers discounts from 15 percent reaching up to 50 percent on all your dental treatments.

Aetna Dental Access offers plans that can provide continuous preventative care for your teeth, with some of the services even offered for free.

The plans offered by this company also offers savings on specialty dental care such as orthodontics and periodontics, both of which are usually way expensive for many people to avail of even when they are needed.

Aetna’s primary plan is not considered an inexpensive dental insurance policy. The program is a membership plan signified by a card you present whenever you avail of dental treatments.

The program requires no paperwork, no referrals, and no predetermination of benefits, so you can avail of the benefits you need. The program also offers you more than 66,000 dental practice locations to choose from.

2. Patriot Dental Plan

Another inexpensive dental insurance option is the Patriot Dental Plan, which is available nationwide.

The program offers a network of 10,000 dentists, all of which offer discounted rates for all dental treatments. The average discounts offered by this insurance package reaches up to 50% on the usual and customary fees charged for dental treatments.

This is considered a fee-for-service plan. The individual plan is available for only $104.95 per year and $159.95 per year for the family plan. The plan also includes one free periodic oral examination and one free Bitewing x-ray per year. Members under 16 years old also receive orthodontics as part of the package.

The Patriot Dental Plan is also very easy to avail of. It activates quickly so you can start saving as soon as you are deemed a member.

3. Dentemax Discount Plan

Discount plans are some of the most affordable dental packages around, and one popular and reliable discount plan for dental care is the Dentemax Discount Plan. Dentemax offers 48,000 dentists in its network.

The dentists are located all throughout the nation so you can easily access dental care when you need it.

The Dentemax Discount Plan may not exactly be an inexpensive dental insurance policy, but it is a good way to receive inexpensive dental care. In fact, the package even already includes orthodontia.

And being a discount plan, signing up is easy and the plan is activated in the next business day following your application. This does not even require unnecessary paperwork or background checks, thus lessening the hassle on your part.

How to Find Cheap Coverage

Inexpensive dental insurance can be difficult to find. The key to finding the most affordable dental insurance policy around is to shop around for it. This takes time, but this is definitely the more favorable option as compared to blowing bucks on an expensive policy.

One good way of accessing inexpensive dental care is to avail of dental insurance packages provided by an employer or an organization you are a member of. If you can’t find such a package, then apply for a group or family plan instead.

You can also bring down the price of your dental insurance package if your teeth are in good health or you have a good medical history.

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