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Dental and Vision Insurance
Hitting Two Birds with One Stone

Dental and vision insurance plans are offered nowadays to those looking for both a dental plan and a vision plan. Combining these two plans into one means saving a lot more money than what you save when you buy them separately.

You can find great plans ranging from dental and vision insurance for individuals to dental and vistion insurance for seniors.

Companies want to be trusted with most of your needs and will entice you with more savings in the process.

There are individual dental and vision insurance plans that you can avail of for yourself, but you get to save even more if you enrol for a group plan, either with groups of friends or with family members. If you are employed, your employer may already be offering dental and vision plans as part of your employee benefits.

Dental and vision plans are also offered in PPO and HMO plans so you can choose the best setup for you. HMO plans are more affordable than PPO plans but have more restrictions. For one thing, you cannot choose a dentist outside of the network if you want to enjoy discounts. PPO plans also cover more procedures.

If you want to start choosing, here are some of the reliable dental plans that offer both dental and vision benefits.

Your Options

Some of the top dental plans of Dental and Vision Insurance include :

  • Safeguard Dental and Vision Plan
  • Careington Dental and Vision Plan
  • Cigna Dental/Vision Plan for Families and Individuals

1. Safeguard Dental and Vision Plan

dental and vision insuranceSafeguard offers a dental plan that already provides vision benefits as part of the package. T

he dental plan comes in two types: a Premier Choice and a Classic Choice, both of which offer excellent discounts and freebies in most of your preventive and diagnostic dental procedures.

For example, you can get comprehensive oral exams and bitewing x-rays for free on both plans.

The typical teeth cleaning for adult, which normally costs $85, is offered for free under the Premier Choice and only $20 under the Classic Choice. Other major procedures are also included. A complete upper denture procedure, which normally costs $1,370 will only cost you $325 under the Premier Choice and $525 under the Classic Choice.

Both plans offer discounts on vision procedures as well. A vision examination, which is usually around $89, will only be $20 under both plans. You also get a $30 discount on eyeglasses and $50 off on one year’s supply of contact lenses, which is usually $250. These discounts become available regardless of where you go for vision care, but you get the maximum savings when you choose a contracted vision care provider.

2. Careington Dental and Vision Plan

Careington has partnered with Cole Managed Vision Care to provide dental and vision insurance that is both effective and affordable

. The dental and vision plans from Careington is also very convenient since it allows online applications. And if you want real figures on how affordable it is, here’s the deal: you can just pay $11.95 each month and you already get the plans for your entire family. You even get a 45-day trial period, completely risk-free.

So what do you get from the package? In dental care, you get savings of 20% to 60% on most dental procedures, from x-rays all the way to dentures. You can also get 20% discounts on orthodontics and up to 40% on fillings. You can enjoy these savings from more than 63,000 dental care providers in the network. In vision care, you can save 45% to 60% on eyeglasses, laser vision correction, and contact lenses.

3. Cigna Dental/Vision Plan

Cigna offers two types of dental and vision insurance, an HMO plan and an indemnity plan. The HMO plans allow members to choose their dentists from the CIGNA HMO dental network.

Under this plan, preventive care such as exams, cleanings, and x-rays are free. The plan does not have annual dollar maximums or deductibles. Claims are also convenient and easy. CIGNA vision care then offers limited coverage for routine vision exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.

The indemnity plan, on the other hand, will shoulder 80% of the costs of the covered dental procedures then you will be asked to pay the balance.

The coverage includes preventive care including fluoride treatments, basic services such as fillings and crowns, and major services such as oral surgery and periondontal treatments.

The main advantage of this is that you can choose any dentist within the United States, but you will have to pay an annual deductible of $25 per person or$50 per family, and be limited to an annual maximum of $1500 per person. The same vision coverage is included.

Choosing the Right Plan

List down all the available dental and vision insurance plans you come across with before you choose.

The idea of choosing among all the available plans, most of which offer great savings and reliable services, can be really difficult. You may even be confused about individual dental plans and individual vision plans, so make sure you look for the combined procedures.

Carefully compare the benefits and costs of the plans so you can find the most ideal for you.

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