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Metlife Dental Care Assistance

Metlife dental providers can help you solve all your dental care woes without emptying your bank account.

Metlife Dental Care is the dental insurance brand of the greater MetLife Insurance Company, a leading provider of insurance and investment products. Several products are available from the MetLife Dental portfolio, and all of them are geared towards assisting more people in seeking dental care.

MetLife has both PPO and DMO plans to cater to the different preferences of various consumers. They also offers plans especially designed for individuals and groups.

The PPO offer of MetLife is called the Preferred Dentist Program but works exactly as any PPO plan would work. As implied, it allows you to choose the dentist that you prefer.

As for its HMO plan, it is offered in three states only, namely Florida, California, and Texas, where HMO plans are more commonly accepted.

With MetLife, it is simply a matter of finding the right type of plan that works best for your needs. It is not a question of MetLife’s quality of service and offers. After all, MetLife has proven quite a lot in its many years in the business

. Regardless of the packaging, its products all offer these excellent benefits.

The Real Benefits of Getting Protection from Metlife

  • Large dental network
  • Reduced fees
  • Special needs

1. Large dental network

metlife dental providersOne of the reasons why Metlife is widely accepted and gets a pretty good reception in the market is the company’s impressive roster of dentists belonging to its large dental network.

Metlife now works closely with trusted Metlife dental providers of care to help people take better care of their teeth.

If you want to have as many options as possible, your best choice is to go with the MetLife Preferred Dentist Program, which gives you maximum discounts when you go to a dentist belonging to MetLife’s group of 120,000 dental care providers. And this network offers access to not just any dentist, but only the best dentists around.

2. Reduced fees

MetLife dental providers are also especially good at providing you with high quality dental care at reduced fees. Metlife Dental has contracted its network of dentists to provide you with the dental care that you ask for at fees that are reduced by anywhere from 10% to 35% for the major procedures and up to 80% for the minor procedures.

This means you easily get as much discounts without doing anything but going to a dentist from the said network.

If you check out a list of the common prices of dental procedures, you will see that the reduced fees can help you save a lot. 

This setup also makes saving money on dental care way easier. You don’t have to worry about paperwork and long claims processes. With Metlife, you can seek dental care from MetLife dental providers and get discounts outright.

3. Special needs

Metlife also answers to the special needs of a lot of people using especially formulated dental plans, and one classic example is the federal employee plan.

This plan allows federal employees to seek major dental care from trusted Metlife dental providers at reduced rates and minor dental procedures at no charge.

The best thing is that Metlife raised the annual maximum limit of benefits that the federal employees can enjoy so they can avail of more care benefits all throughout the year.

SafeGuard: One of the Popular Metlife DentalPlans

Metlife does not just refer to a company offering dental insurance plans.

Metlife is a name that encompasses several various companies that provide specialized products to various groups. While Metlife offers dental plans marketed under its own name, it also offers different dental plans offered under the SafeGuard branding.

SafeGuard is the name of Metlife’s main dental HMO offer. This HMO plan works like a regular HMO plan; only dentists belonging to the network can give members access to discounted rates. HMO are very affordable, but SafeGuard only offers it in certain states.

If you need reliable dental care assistance that can give you peace of mind and assurance thanks to its quality and its long history in the business, then you should check out the dental care assistance options of Metlife dental providers.

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