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Making Sure You Have Options

Anthem Dental is one of the most effective and efficient dental insurance providers in the country.

Anthem is a well-known and particularly well-used brand name. Anthem’s insurance policies are sold all over the country.

When it comes to dental insurance, Anthem provides many different dental plans for individuals and families who are in dire need of affordable dental care and needs a third party administrator to help them find what they’re looking for.

Anthem Dental has several tricks up its sleeve that contribute to its success as a dental plan provider. These are the benefits that they offer to their dental plan holders.

For one, deductibles are waived for preventive care such as cleanings, x-rays, and exams. Co-payments are also cancelled for these same services including sealants. Although some procedures, such as cosmetic veneers, dental implants, and orthodontics, are not covered, you do get significant savings on them.

And when you visit a dentist from within the Anthem network, you don’t have to deal with claim forms anymore so you can enjoy a hassle-free and affordable dental treatment experience.

Options You Can Choose From

Some Anthem dental options that you can check out include:

  • Dental Blue PPO Small Group Plan
  • Dental Blue PPO Large Group Plan
  • Dental Blue 100 for Individuals
  • Dental Blue 200 for Individuals
  • Dental Blue 300 for Individuals

1. Dental Blue PPO Small Group Plan

anthem dentalFor small groups or companies with less than 50 members of employers, Anthem Dental’s main offer is the Dental Blue Small Group PPO Plan.

As a PPO plan, members are allowed to choose their own dentists, but can save a lot more by choosing a dentist who belongs to the Dental Blue network. The network consists of general dentists as well as specialists including periodontists and oral surgeons.

The small group plan allows employers to save on the group rates, and offers each individual member the chance to select from one of the three type of plans available from the company.

2. Dental Blue PPO Large Group Plan

For large groups or companies with more than 50 members or employers, Anthem Dental offers the large group plans.

Employers can choose from the three tiers of the Anthem network so they can find the right mix of affordability and benefit they prefer.

This plan will entitle members to a high-quality dental service from several locations. Employers with a high number of employees sometimes find it a challenge to provide dental benefits to their employees; the venture could be costly as well. This is exactly the kind of problem Anthem can help you with using its large group plans.

3. Dental Blue 100 for Individuals

The Dental Blue 100 is the first type of plan group members and individuals can choose from.

The Dental Blue 100 plan offers the deepest discounts to all members, who will have 300 dentists to choose from. The Dental Blue 100 covers 100% of all preventive and diagnostic procedures for in-network dentists and 80% of all minor restorative dental procedures after the deductible of $50 is deducted. This, however, does not cover major restorative dental care.

4. Dental Blue 200 for Individuals

The Dental Blue 200 plan provides moderate discounts to patients.

This offers 100% coverage on preventive and diagnostic procedures. As for minor and major restorative dental procedures, the plan will pay the remaining balance, regardless of amount, after the deductible of $50 per member per year is paid.

5. Dental Blue 300 for Individuals

Lastly, there’s Dental Blue 300, which offers members discounts on dental procedures received from in-network dental care providers.

These providers have a signed agreement with Anthem Dental to provide you the best of their services at reduced rates.

Finding the Right Anthem Plan for You

The entire Anthem brand consists of several different organizations scattered all over the country, in different states, only affiliated to each other.

This is why there are many different types of Anthem plans offered in the country. What you should look for is the specific dental plan offered in your specific state.

To find information about the right dental plan for your area, Anthem offers state-specific pages on their website so you can be directed to the right dental plan for you.

And to find the right dentist for you, you can use Anthem’s Dentist Finder, which lists the different dentists on the Anthem network, also on the Anthem website.

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