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What You Need to Know Before Getting Braces

An orthodontist has a very important role in the world of dentistry. Orthodontists are often highly demanded since braces are also commonly sought after.

There are different reasons why some people get braces; some do so for aesthetic reasons while some have serious dental problems such as malocclusions or bad bites.

Braces can also correct jaw and facial problems caused by dental issues.

How to Choose

Factors to be considered when choosing an orthodonist include:

  • Get Referrals from Dentists and Friends
  • Do a Background Check on Orthodontists
  • Get an Orthodontics Consultation
  • Special Dental Services

1. Get Referrals from Dentists and Friends

orthodontistOrthodontics is a special branch of dentistry that requires a dentist’s specialization.

Your best reference for which orthodontics specialist to visit is your own general dentist. If your general dentist thinks you should get braces, ask him or her for a referral to a dentist that specializes in orthodontics.

Now, however, the line that separates orthodontics specialists from the rest of the dentists is becoming thinner, so choosing an orthodontics specialist can be confusing. You should also try to get firsthand recommendations from friends or relatives. If you see someone you know who has braces or whose children have dental braces, you can inquire about the orthodontist they visited.

Dental organizations and dentist associations can also help you find dentists specializing in orthodontics. A lot of patients needing dental care nowadays turn to dentist directories in their search for the dentist to visit. Most dentist directories allow you to narrow down your choices based on the specialization you are looking for. If you need an orthodontics specialist, just specify this in the search fields to get targeted results.

2. Do a Background Check on Orthodontists

Even if you do get referrals from acquaintances or relatives, you should still take the time to check the background of an orthodontics specialist you are considering.

You should check the education and training, the specialization training, and the practice history of the orthodontics specialist. This will help protect you from making the wrong choice.

Aside from training and education, you should also check whether the orthodontics specialist is part of accrediting associations consisting of dentists or orthodontics specialists. One example is the American Association of Orthodontists. Dentists who are members of this organization undergo continuous training and are more conscious about ethical standards.

3. Get an Orthodontics Consultation

Once you find some orthodontists that meet the necessary requirements, check them out by paying them a visit and getting a consultation. Your visit to the orthodontics specialist can tell you a lot. First of all, you will know whether you feel comfortable with the dentist or in his or her dental clinic.

Your consultation will also tell you what the dentist’s preferred or advised mode of treatment is, and you can then gauge whether you are comfortable with it. Take advantage of your visit and ask all the questions you have in mind. If possible, try to look for before and after photos of the dentist’s past patients to see how effective the dentist’s work really is.

Aside from that, your consultation will also give you an idea of how advanced the treatments being offered to you are. It is important to go with a dentist who is updated on the latest dental treatment technologies around as this can significantly improve the level of quality of the dental service you receive.

4. Special Dental Services

You should also inquire about special dental services such as weekend services, evening services, and emergency dental care. You and your orthodontics specialist should also agree on a visitation schedule since braces require regular maintenance and adjustments.

You can also ask the orthodontic dentist whether he or she is part of any dental program that offers discounted rates for patients. If so, you can apply for that program in order to get lower fees on orthodontics.

When You Need One

Your general dentist is responsible for giving you advice on how to proceed with your desired dental treatment.

Thus, if your general dentist thinks that you should visit an orthodontist, don’t ignore that advice. You should also visit an orthodontist if you are having bite problems or jaw problems. Misaligned, crowded, and crooked teeth can also be corrected by orthodontic specialists.

Dental braces are very effective in correcting dental problems in both kids and adults. Orthodontics is an expensive dental treatment, but usually, the results pay off.

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