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Insurance for Braces
Getting Braces the Affordable Way

Insurance for braces is a very helpful dental package for parents, since a lot of kids usually need braces at one point.

The problem is, orthodontics can be rather expensive, and can be a heavy burden for parents, especially when they have many children. Individuals can also find the costs of braces rather daunting. But one solution to the soaring costs of orthodontics is to get dental insurance braces covered.

Insurance coverage that provides affordable braces is often not included in most employer dental plans nor in basic dental packages.

You often have to get comprehensive insurance to obtain coverage for braces. Before you start planning for braces, you should check your policy if braces are included in the package.

If your existing dental package does not include orthodontics, then you should start looking for a separate insurance braces coverage

If you want to get affordable rates for braces, you have two options. One is to get the classic dental insurance for braces, and the other is to get a dental discount plan.

Your Options in Dental Plans and Braces 101

A couple of dental plans and insurance available for braces are:

  • Dental insurance for braces
  • Discount dental plan for braces

1. Dental Insurance for Braces

Insurance for BracesDental insurance targeted specifically for braces is the conventional form of insurance that has a wider coverage that it already includes braces.

In this type of insurance, you usually need a co-pay or may be required to pay a deductible. After these requirements are met, your insurance plan for braces will become active.

Some employees are fortunate enough to already be provided with dental insurance that already covers braces.

However, not everyone is entitled to this benefit. If you have an existing employer dental insurance, you can ask your employer if it is possible to add orthodontics to the benefits offered. You can even offer to shoulder the additional costs, as these will still be more affordable than obtaining an individual comprehensive dental insurance that includes braces.

Also, when you consider dental insurance for braces, you should remember to check whether your dental insurance provider offers a long list of dentists or orthodontists and how much freedom you will have in choosing which dentist you want. This is all the more important since orthodontics is a specialized branch of dental care. The expertise of the dentist you choose will affect the benefits you get out of your braces and can also reduce the costs of your braces maintenance.

2. Discount Dental Plan for Braces

You can also choose to avail of a discount dental plan for braces.

Discount dental plans are not considered as insurance plans. These are like membership plans, and your membership alone already entitles you to dental benefits.

Some discount plans may already include orthodontics in the list of benefits offered, though these plans may cost a bit more. But you can expect that discount dental plans, regardless of the extent of coverage you will get, will still be more affordable than pursuing other options.

Discount dental plans can help you save up to 30% or 50% from the total costs of your braces. This means that the total expenses you will incur will be cut by half, which is a significant difference since orthodontics nowadays cost a lot and prices are even continuously rising.

Discount plans are more affordable ways of obtaining orthodontics without getting dental insurance. Aside from that, one advantage of discount dental plans is that they are easier to avail of than insurance packages.


If you or your child gets braces, you need to remember that the cost of your braces is not the only cost you need to consider.

Take note that braces require continuous checkups as well as maintenance. The entire orthodontic treatment is more than just about putting on the braces.

That’s why you need to clarify with your dental insurance provider as to the full extent of the coverage including any stipulation for the maintenance costs of your braces.

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