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Dental Implants Insurance
Seeking An Affordable Implants Dental Insurance

Implant dental insurance can take a huge burden off your shoulders. Thanks to the dental implants insurance, you can easily and affordably avail of implants without having to worry about the great costs that they entail.

Dental implants are a form of highly important dental treatment. When you seek dental implants, it means that you need critical and important dental care. And as expected from such a procedure, the costs may be more than what you expect.

Fortunately, you have implant dental insurance to turn to.

It is true that implant dental insurance can be rather restrictive.

To help prevent any unexpected surprises and problems with your implant insurance, take note that some insurance coverage for implants do not cover treatments done for cosmetic reasons.

Aside from that, if you are getting an implant as a remedy to the natural wear and tear your teeth receive, such treatment is also not honored.

The Facts

Some important points you should know about implant dental insurance:

  • What are Dental Implants?
  • The Nature of Insurance for Implants

1. What are Dental Implants?

Implant Dental InsuranceDental implants are often considered as necessities.

This is because in certain situations, implants are your only feasible option, such as when you lose a tooth. In case you lose a tooth as an effect of tooth decay or any form of accident, you have no choice but to have that tooth replaced with an implant. 

In a nutshell, dental implants are fake or artificial roots for your teeth. They are placed in the mouth then attached to a bridge or a tooth used as replacement.

This means that the fake teeth that will be used will not depend on the other teeth and will be rooted directly into your gums.

Due to this, dental implants look very natural and feel natural and stable as well. They do not cause any uncomfortable feeling and most people who have implants usually do not feel the difference anymore. On the other hand, dental implants are also notorious for being extremely expensive.

2. The Nature of Insurance for Implants

Dental implants are usually not included in most basic dental insurance packages.

If you have an existing dental insurance package, check with your insurance provider whether dental implants are included in the list of dental benefits you are entitled to. But there are special implant dental insurance packages that provide affordable dental implants.

These are special dental insurance packages that are also offered by most dental insurance companies. However, it is to be expected that a dental insurance package that offers implant insurance will cost more than regular dental insurance. 

Uncovered Implant Treatments

There are certain considerations you need to make with regards to implant dental insurance. In most dental insurance plans that offer coverage for dental implants, people have complained about the long waiting periods.

In fact, some insurance plans require the policyholders to hold the policy for more than a year before they can avail of dental implants. And since implants answer tooth loss, which is a rather urgent situation, these long waiting periods just won’t do.

Another limitation is that some insurance policies do not offer implants as solutions to problems you already had before your initial sign up with the policy.

These restrictions make it challenging for patients to seek dental implant treatments regardless of the availability of implant dental insurance.

To be sure, you should first check on these two factors before you sign up for a dental insurance that offers implants.

Finally, in case you lose a tooth through a sports accident but you were not wearing a gum shield, some dental insurance providers also do not accept such treatments as part of the coverage they provide.


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