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Aspen Dental
Providing More Than Just Regular Dental Care

Aspen Dental is one of the best dental group practices servicing certain states in the U.S. The Aspen philosophy when it comes to dental care is based on some basic tenets.

First, Aspen Dental exists to give Americans access to dental care. Dental care is very important, but a large number of people do not get dental care.

There are many barriers standing between dental care and those who need it. The biggest of these factors is cost, considering that dental costs have climbed significantly over the past years. Now, certain procedures are way over the affordable limit for the general public.

Second, Aspen makes sure dental care is no ordinary dental care, but is high-quality and comprehensive dental care. The care provided should match the needs of the patients and should be of good quality that satisfies the patients.

The company also banks on the importance of teamwork among the different facets of the company, which are scattered across 18 states. Aspen also aims to be on top by continuously developing their services.

Some of the services you can receive from Aspen include the following :

Dental and Denture Services from Aspen

Some of the benefits from using aspen dental include:

  • Comprehensive treatment planning
  • General dentistry and emergency dental care
  • ComfiDent dentures, crowns, and bridges
  • Periodontics
  • Cosmetic dentistry and dental implants

1. Comprehensive treatment planning

aspen dentalAspen Dental philosophy for comprehensive and high-quality dental care means quick-fix dental solutions are not part of the Aspen service equation.

Aspen gives importance to complete dental health to avoid major and chronic dental problems. So before suggesting a treatment action, Aspen first conducts a comprehensive examination then plans the correct personal long-term treatment plan for the patient.

The plan will first diagnose the current state of the patient’s overall dental health then outline specific goals and treatment procedures necessary to achieve those goals. Then the plan will also present an estimate of the time and costs that the entire treatment will take.

2. General dentistry and emergency dental care

Aspen also offers general dentistry and emergency dental care for whatever type of dental procedure you need. These services are offered at affordable rates and a payment plan that patients can conveniently follow. The payment plans are free from interest and can be extended or deferred to match the needs of patients who qualify for additional promotions.

The offered procedures include dental exams, x-rays, fillings, root canals, extractions. The services are provided by oral surgeons and specialists with high credentials.

Aspen also accommodates discounts offered by all dental insurance plans.

3. ComfiDent dentures, crowns, and bridges

For patients who have lost their teeth, Aspen Dental offers dentures from ComfiDents. Dentures are very common tooth replacements and have provided millions of Americans with a more confident smile thanks to their full or partial dentures. Dentures have helped them look younger, feel younger, be more confident, speak clearly, and enjoy their favourite foods.

When it comes to tooth replacements, Aspen also offers other alternatives such as crowns and bridges.

4. Periodontics

Aside from that, Aspen also offers periodontal treatments. Good gums make good foundation for good teeth. To care for your teeth better, you have to care for your gums as well. Periodontal diseases, unfortunately, can hit anyone. This can lead to the inflammation and the infection of gums and the ligaments, bones, and the tissues that surround teeth. Common periodontal diseases include gingivitis, a gum disease, or periodontitis, which affects not just the gums but also the bones. These diseases are progressive and can lead to severe results if left untreated.

Untreated periodontal diseases can lead to loss of teeth, and Aspen helps prevent this from happening.

5. Cosmetic dentistry and dental implants

To provide complete care for Americans, Aspen also offers cosmetic dentistry services including dental implants. The practice offers teeth whitening services, veneers, dental implants, and so on.

Finding a Clinic

What are the main Aspen Dental locations ?

Aspen Dental is now available in 18 states. Citizens of Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin can enjoy the high-quality and comprehensive services offered by Aspen Dental.

The Aspen website has a locator that can help you find the nearest Aspen location by state or by zip code.

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