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Dental Health Insurance Plans at the Top
Top Three Bestselling Dental Plans

Dental health insurance plans don’t always have the same offers. Although they offer roughly the same benefits, i.e. the dental coverage and discounted rates, they do not always offer these the same way.

Some dental plans rate better than others due to many other factors such as company reputation, the network of dentists, and so on.

Although some plans stand out for excellent rates and huge discounts, it’s still the highly reputed companies that excel in every possible way that win out over the competition.

So which of the dental plans out there have the best names in the industry?

Well it’s no coincidence that the top three bestselling dental plans come from names that are well-known not only in the dental insurance realm but also in the general health care insurance business.

Companies such as Cigna, Aetna, and Humana has managed to find a place in the business that they can call their own.

Dental Health Plans from the Best

  • Vital Savings Plan by Aetna
  • Cigna dental insurance products
  • HumanaOne for individuals

1. Vital Savings Plan by Aetna

dental health insurance plansAetna has found its place in the dental health insurance world by offering a complete and well-rounded dental plan that offers excellent coverage and affordable rates.

Aetna has many offers for those in search of a dental insurance plan. Its basic offer is the Aetna Dental Access plan. However, its niche offer is the Vital Savings plan, which provides a longer list of benefits since it also includes discounts for your vision care, pharmaceutical drugs, hearing care, and several other health care services.

The plan has become a standout offer due to the additional benefits that come with it. And of course, the highly reputed name of Aetna helps too.

2. Cigna Dental Insurance Products

Another company that has established an irreplaceable role in the industry is Cigna.

Cigna is another highly revered name, and it’s probably because of its long experience in the health and dental insurance market. The company knows the trick of the trade, so it closes the deal by offering what other dental insurance providers are not able to offer: plenty of options and the flexibility to switch from one option to another.

Cigna offers various types of plans, from PPO plans, HMO plans, indemnity plans, and so on. The company also packaged various insurance products especially for individuals, families, and even especially for expats. Then it also offers the unique and innovative insurance product, the Flexible Savings Account. On top of all these, Cigna also allows consumers to switch from one type of plan to another by giving them the Cigna Flex Advantage. No matter how hard you look, you won’t find another well-established brand providing you this many benefits.

3. HumanaOne for Individuals

Those looking for individual dental health insurance plans should look at the offers of Humana, another highly established dental and health care insurance company.

The reason why individuals have more reasons to trust Humana is its HumanaOne brand. This is the brand of Humana dental insurance plans that are aimed towards individuals, so the plans are especially designed for such consumers as well. The plans, since they target individuals, can be easily customized to fit specific needs of varying individuals.

While more and more companies have set their eyes on the group-based prize, HumanaOne now has a practically dominating hold on the individual dental insurance market.

Identifying Trustworthy Sources

If you do a preliminary search for the best dental plans on the Internet, you will immediately see the different dental insurance providers that are more popular and more recognized in the market.

Although they don’t really offer the cheapest dental plans in the industry, they are popular and recognized for a reason: they have been in the industry long enough and they have proven to a lot of customers that they are to be trusted.

It is always a good idea to go with such dental health insurance providers even if it will cost you a bit more. The trust and reliability, plus the peace of mind that comes with these top dental health insurance plans, is definitely worth paying a little bit more for.

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