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The Average Cost of Braces for Teeth
How Much Should You Pay?

The Average Cost of Braces for Teeth can be a confusing matter since different dentists have different rates for braces.

However, a lot of teeth problems can be solved with the help of braces, making it one of the most often demanded type of dental service. Unfortunately, the large demand does not diminish the prices of braces.

And brace procedures naturally vary in price based on the extent of treatment needed.

This is why a lot of people, mostly parents who want to get braces for their kids, are wondering how much the average cost of braces for teeth should be.

When considering how much braces should be, you have to consider these important factors.

What to Consider When Weighing Average Cost of Braces for Teeth

average cost of braces for teeth A few factors to consider when weighing the average cost:

  • How Much Should Dental Braces Be?
  • The Overall Dental Braces Package
  • Extra Costs on Braces
  • Cost of Braces in Your Area

1. How Much Should Dental Braces Be?

Typically, dental braces should cost around $5,000 to $7,000. This price range is the average cost of braces for teeth straightening or general brace treatment. The rate may go up depending on other add-ons or special considerations depending on your needs. If you have special teeth problems that need to be addressed, then additional costs may incur.

Braces for cosmetic purposes are often less expensive than braces required for the treatment or alleviation of certain teeth or chewing problems.

2. The Overall Dental Braces Package

But although your dentist charges you just right, you still have to make sure you get your money’s worth. For the given average cost of braces for teeth, what exactly should you get? Dental braces should be priced in full, which means you have to pay for the entire treatment. Your payment will already include the cost of the braces itself plus the service fees. However, dentists have different ways of handling brace treatments.

Before agreeing to a dental brace treatment, make sure you discuss with your dentist regarding your visitations and brace adjustments, and the costs of these visits. It is better to agree on a payment plan prior to the treatment itself.

3. Extra Costs on Braces

You are given special options when it comes to your braces. Your special preferences may also affect how much you will have to pay for your braces. Some people prefer concealed braces which are placed behind the teeth. This could cost an added $2,000 to $5,000. If you want to use ceramic brackets with color similar to teeth color, you can add an extra $500. Some dentists also offer gold-plated braces or brightly colored ones. And if you want to go a little more unusual than that, you can add letters and symbols. These add-ons don’t usually cost that much but can still affect the overall average cost of of your braces.

4. Cost of Braces in Your Area

Your location will also affect the average cost of braces for teeth treatment. For example, the rates of braces in California are exceptionally higher than in most other states, such as Portland and Chicago. Arizona may not have the same rates as California, but their rates are higher than those charged in Ohio. Most of the time, the rates are affected by area population and the level of demand of braces in these areas.

Get Lower Average Cost of Braces for Teeth

There are ways to reduce the average cost of braces for teeth treatment that you have to pay for. One sure way of getting lower rates is to apply for a dental insurance plan.

Dental insurance plans usually offer plans with various levels of benefits. If you or your child will need braces, then apply for the plan that covers up to orthodontics.

Also, children under age 18 are often given lower orthodontics rates. This is because in most dentists’ rates, child’s or teen’s braces are more affordable than adults’ braces.

However, there are some limitations as to the orthodontics coverage you may get out of your dental insurance plan. Some insurance plans specify that cosmetic bracing are not included in their coverage.

Before getting a dental insurance plan, be sure to check whether there are certain restrictions on your plan.

If you think you or a family member really needs braces, then don’t let expenses get in your way. There are ways to reduce the average costs you will have to pay for your braces, and you have options to choose from. Ultimately, the final rate will most likely be up to you.


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