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Veneers Prices and Facts
Essential Info on Getting Dental Porcelain Laminates

Dental veneers, also known as dental laminates or porcelain laminates, are thin porcelain shells that are bonded to the front of the teeth. These are widely used in cosmetic dentistry to make a person’s smile look and seem whiter and brighter.

At first, you may think that porcelain laminates are quite fragile to put over your teeth, but once these thin porcelain shells are properly bonded to teeth, they become practically like second enamel and becomes strong and resistant to cracking and damage.

Dental veneers are not for everyone. But more and more people are finding use for these teeth laminates. To determine whether these are feasible solutions for your dental problems or worries, you should talk to your doctor and discuss the particular course of action.

It is important that before you get veneers, you have to know exactly what your chosen direction entails.

To help you out, here are some important information that can help you make up your mind about getting dental laminates.

Getting Dental Veneers               

Veneers A few good reasons to get dental veneers:

  • Why Get Dental Laminates?
  • Benefits of Getting Dental Laminates
  • How to Take Care of Your Dental Laminates

1. Why Get Dental Laminates?

There are many reasons why various people get porcelain shells for their teeth. These laminates help people overcome problems with discolored teeth or to cover up teeth stains.

Sometimes, they are also used to cover worn teeth or even chipped ones; these are mostly cases where the enamel has already gotten damaged by wear and tear. It could also be a feasible option for teeth that are not properly aligned. It could also be a more favorable option for people who need but are not willing to get orthodontic treatment.

2. Benefits of Getting Dental Laminates

A lot of people prefer getting dental laminates instead of pursuing other forms of dental treatment. Some corrective dental treatments usually take a long time and a lot of effort and, not to mention, money. But dental veneers, despite a high initial cost, can provide an easy way to get a great-looking set of pearly whites. Aside from this, people who have gotten dental laminates have attested to experiencing long-term benefits.

First, not only will you look great, but dental porcelain laminates also look very realistic, so even when light strikes the surface of your tooth, it will not bounce and give away the secret behind your perfect smile. The natural enamel of your teeth is translucent and has almost the same properties as the artificial porcelain shells used in making laminates, so your secret is definitely safe.

But unlike the natural enamel of your teeth, porcelain is resistant to stains, so with your laminates, you don’t have to worry about coffee stains and other discoloration that may occur.

3. How to Take Care of Your Veeners

Dental laminates vary in the time period they last. Generally, they should last for several years, but only with proper care. Ten years can pass and your dental veneers will still be in perfect condition if you know exactly how to take care of them. Since your laminates will be as good as actual teeth, you should still practice good dental hygiene and oral care. Also, make sure to get them checked up regularly. And even if they are resistant to stains, you should still cut back on foods and drinks that can cause heavy staining on teeth.

Also, even if they become strong when bonded to teeth, these laminates are still made of porcelain and can still break in case excessive force is applied. You should also try to control grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw to ensure that your veneers will be perfectly safe. Constant teeth grinding and clenching may weaken the porcelain shells.

How to Get Dental Veneers

Your dentist is the best person who can tell you if you need porcelain laminates or if they could work for you. If you have decided to get it done, the first step is to undergo an examination which involves taking photos of your teeth and getting x-rays. Then, your dentist will make dental molds or impressions to make a plaster cast that copies your mouth.

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