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Cost of Dentures
Considering the Costs and Benefits of Dentures

The cost of dentures is affected by many factors. The main cost depends on the type of dentures needed. You can get either complete dentures or partial dentures.

Complete dentures are needed when the patient has lost all his teeth. Partial dentures, on the other hand, are used when some of the patient’s natural teeth are still good enough to remain.

Complete dentures come in two types, either a conventional or an immediate. A conventional set of complete dentures are made only after the teeth are removed and the gum has healed. It can only be placed in the mouth at least 8 weeks after the removal of the teeth.

But if the patient does not want to wait long without teeth, he can opt for immediate complete dentures. These can be placed immediately after the removal of his natural teeth. These, however, would sometimes require more adjustments later on in case the gums change during the healing process.

Partial dentures, on the other hand, only replace some of the patient’s teeth. Such a denture is attached to a base the same color as the gums then connected to a metal frame that holds it in place. This is sometimes known as a bridge. Some partial dentures are fixed, while some are removable.

Dentures can be expensive, so before getting your set, carefully consider the cost of dentures and what it involves.

What are Involved

cost of dentures The cost include:

  • Typical cost of dentures
  • What costs include
  • Additional costs

1. Typical cost of dentures

The typical cost of dentures differs based on how complex the necessary denture is. If the teeth have to be removed prior to the denture procedure, then the extractions will still be charged on top of the cost you have to pay for the dentures.

Basically, the denture plate will cost you anywhere between $300 and $500 for one set or between $600 and $1000 for a full set, which consists of both the upper and lower dentures. This is the most economical you can get; if you want high-quality dentures, charges can climb even higher. At mid-range, prices are around $500 to $1000 and $1000 to $2000 for partial and full. Premium prices can reach up to $4000 and $8000 for partial and full sets, respectively.

The typical cost will also include the fee paid to your dentist.

2. What costs include

The payment for getting dentures will already be good for the entire procedure, no matter how long it takes. Usually this takes around 3 weeks, but this is on a case to case basis. Sometimes, the process takes up to 1 month and a couple of weeks more. The payment will already be good for all the appointments needed until the procedure is complete. Your visits will include one for making measurements, one for a fitting, one for inserting, and one for adjusting the dentures.

If extractions are necessary, these will be scheduled prior to the dentures appointments.

3. Additional costs for dentures

In getting dentures, you will be forced to pay additional costs for its maintenance. Dentures can get chipped and cracked over time. They wear out from continuous use. The time it would take for dentures to experience these problems will generally depend on the care you provide to it and the quality of the dentures.

If you want, you can opt for high-quality dentures and save more in the long run.

Financing Options

There are many ways to get financing for dentures. Dentures are expensive, but they are sometimes necessary that there’s no way around the procedure. In such cases, you can look for ways to lower the cost of dentures so it will be more manageable for you.

One effective way of seeking financing for dentures is to look for a dental insurance or dental plan that includes coverage for dentures. You can also go to dental colleges and volunteer as a patient to get free dentures. If you look carefully, you can find some financing options to make dentures more affordable for you.

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