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Teeth Bonding
Is It the Dental Remedy You’re Looking For?

Teeth bonding are special composite resin materials used as teeth filling.

This is usually used for structural dental procedures as well as in cosmetic dentistry and can be used in both front and back teeth.

Teeth bonding can give you pleasant-looking teeth and can be great treatment options for certain dental problems. A bonding can last for several years and even longer than silver fillings. Composite resin used in tooth bonding can last for up to eleven years.

Things to Know

A few important things to know about teeth bonding:

  • How Tooth Bonding is Done
  • Why You Would Need Tooth Bonding
  • The Two Types of Bonding

1. How it is Done

Teeth BondingA tooth bonding is actually the simple matter of placing a thin plastic coating on your teeth’s surface, which is then covered with a bonding material.

The bonding material will be sculpted and shaped to fit your natural teeth and to make the bonding look more natural and attractive. The plastic is then hardened and the resulting surface of your teeth is then hardened using high-intensity light before final polishing.

There are many shades of composite resin used in teeth bonding, so that your treatment will match the natural shade of your teeth. When you are about to get a tooth bonding, make sure to allot at least two hours of your time for the procedure. This dental procedure can take some time, in some cases even longer than two hours, depending on your required treatment.

2. Why You Would Need it

A dental bonding procedure is often recommended for restoring chipped or decaying teeth, correcting teeth that are deformed in shape and teeth that are positioned with unattractive gaps in between. It is also used in minor procedures to cover up teeth stains and correct misalignments.

A dental bonding procedure is also sometimes used as a remedy for gum recession cases. Tooth bonding is generally a preferred form of filling over silver fillings because it bonds easily to your teeth, so it does not require removal of the complete structure of your tooth. A bonding can cover just the affected area of a tooth.

Aside from that, bonding made of composite resin is expandable, so it will not weaken your teeth like silver fillings can as your teeth expand.

3. The Two Types

Teeth bonding have two types of procedures that are designed to meet specific needs. One type is designed for small-scale dental corrections, while some are designed for bonding a larger correction area.

The first type can usually be completed in a single visit to your dentist. As for large-scale corrections, the second type is more appropriate. Such fillings usually take two visits for completion.

While the first procedure mainly involves color-matching of the filling to your tooth then surface bonding on the tooth, the second procedure is more detailed. First, your dentist will prepare a mold of your teeth and custom-fit the filling to even the smallest crevices of your teeth. The preparation is done on the first trip you make to the dentist, and the final bonding process is done on your second trip.

Important Things to Note

There are, however, certain things to consider if you are planning to get a dental bonding done. First, if you smoke, take note that your bonding may become yellow in color after some time.

Dental bonding is easily affected by smoking, so this is a factor that you should think about. Also, if you are planning to get treatment under a dental insurance plan, you have to first make sure that your specific case will be counted as a covered treatment. This is because only structural treatment cases are covered under dental plans.

Dental bonding for cosmetic reasons is not honored by dental plan providers. Of course, you should also consider the cost, especially if you are getting a bonding for cosmetic purposes.

Cosmetic teeth bonding may cost you around $400 to $600 dollars on a per-tooth basis. It may be true that a teeth bonding procedure is an expensive filling option, but you can get great advantages from it in return for your investment.

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