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Tooth Implant Cost
What You Have to Pay For in a Tooth Implant

Tooth implant cost serves as the biggest barrier to a lot of people getting perfect-looking and very comfortable tooth replacements.

Tooth gets old and worn out with age, and eventually, most of us lose one or two of our teeth. The dental field has come up with several options for the replacement of these lost teeth.

One of them is the tooth implant, which is a titanium post implanted into the jawbone and covered with a crown that resembles the actual appearance of real tooth.

Because of the longevity and effectiveness of tooth implants, they also cost a lot. This is why not all patients in need of tooth replacement can get this convenient and very effective replacement option.

If you are dealing with tooth loss and are considering your options, check out the costs of dental implants to make sure you weigh the possibility of an implant as carefully as possible.

How Much Does It Cost?

Some facts on the cost of dental implants are:

  • Dental surgery
  • Extractions
  • Abutment or dental implant base
  • Crown

1. Dental surgery

blue cross dental insuranceThere are many components included in the ave

rage tooth implant cost.

The typical dental implant procedures take several surgeries. Typically, this includes the placement of the post, then the placement of the crown.

Depending on certain factors, you may need additional surgeries. For example, in an subperiosteal implant, you will get another surgery to take the impressions of your bone. In cases where bone graft is necessary, the bone grafting procedure takes yet another surgery.

All these surgeries are priced differently. If you don’t need additional surgeries, the typical dental surgery included in a tooth implant cost is around $1,565 for each tooth. This is data provided by the American Dental Association.

2. Extractions

Aside from that, in certain cases, you may need extractions before you can get your tooth implanted.

For example, your tooth is damaged or decayed and there is no other way to save it. You can already decide to get an implant at this point. However, you still need to have your teeth extracted before the implant procedure can begin. This will be charged as a separate extraction or as part of your overall tooth implant cost, depending on your agreement with your dentist.

3. Abutment of dental implant base

As for the abutment for the implant, the price will depend on the specific type you choose. The mean price, according to statistical data collected by the American Dental Association, is around $605. You can choose between a prefabricated and a custom made one. Prefabricated abutments cost around $549 per tooth; custom abutments cost around $660.

4. Crown

You also need to pay for the crown of your tooth implant. The crown is the tooth-like material that is placed over the abutment of your tooth implant. This will act as your real tooth since it looks and feels exactly like real tooth that no one would be able to tell the difference. The placement of the crown is the last stage in the tooth implant procedure.

The typical porcelain fused to metal or PFM type of crown will cost you around $1,119. This is good for one crown for one tooth, and already uses high-noble metal. This price is based on the data on American Dental Association’s annual report on the prices charged by private dental practices in the United States.

The Typical Cost

Typically, each tooth implant cost will reach up to around $1,000 to $5,000 for each tooth.

This will still vary based on the type of tooth implant you prefer and the dentist you go to.

Dentists have different expertise and experience levels as well as different credentials. These differences can lead to differences in how dentists charge for their service.

Also, your jawbone and tooth condition can add extractions, bone grafts, and other dental procedures into the package, so you can even end up paying up to 25,000 for your tooth implant.

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