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Avia Dental Plans
High-Quality and Affordable Dental Health Care

Avia dental plans are one of the top choices in the dental plan market.

In essence, Avia offers discount dental plans and not dental insurance. In fact, it is one of the top providers of dental plans that offer its customers excellent and affordable healthcare from an extensive network of established dentists.

With a discount plan from Avia, you will get savings of more than 80% on most of your dental procedures, especially basic preventive and maintenance care.

These are excellent deals considering the staggeringly high costs of dental care nowadays. And since Avia dental plans have been around for around thirteen years, you will be assured that you get the best service around.

Types of Avia Plans Available

The various types of Avia dental plans available are:

  • Individual Dental Plans from Avia
  • Group Dental Plans from Avia
  • Student and Senior Dental Plans from Avia

1. Individual Dental Plans from Avia

Avia Dental PlansAvia offers many different dental plans to meet various needs.

Their prime product is individual dental insurance that starts at just $8.00 per month.

These plans are open for everyone, so all who wants to become members will definitely get great deals.

These discount plans are enough to provide affordable dental care to people with basic dental needs and those who do not have access to dental plans from their employers of from any other source.

Aside from that, these plans can also act as supplementary dental plans for people who already have existing but limited dental plans such as employer dental insurance.

Also, when you avail of Avia dental plans, you do not have to wait just like you would when you buy dental insurance. You can enjoy immediate dental benefits after you sign up. This means that these plans are great help when there are dental emergencies.

2. Group Dental Plans from Avia

Avia also offers group dental plans, which will allow groups to save money by buying dental plans as one. Since groups often require many discount dental plans at once, Avia offers great deals by lowering the prices on bulk plan sign-up.

The application process for group-based dental plans is easy and fast, so you do not have to worry about complicated processes and paperwork.

Avia has dental plans best suited for groups, organizations, businesses, unions, associations, and non-profit organizations.

Families can also avail of great deals to obtain dental insurance with the quality of an Avia. Family plans are considered as group plans but are targeted specifically towards families. These plans are extremely helpful for big families that need to provide dental coverage for all members of the family.

People who decide to avail of dental plans in groups can land dental insurance at prices as low as $4.00.

3. Student and Senior Dental Plans from Avia

Avia also offers dental health care that is within reach of people who do not have sources of income.

These are the students and the senior citizens who find it especially difficult to find affordable dental care.

These student plans and senior plans are pre-packaged to provide basic dental health care to those who need it. These plans, however, may have certain limitations. Senior dental plans are available for people over 62 years old and are priced at $7.00.

Additional Deals from Avia Dental Insurance

Avia dental plans go beyond providing just dental health care to its policy members.

They also provide excellent deals on vision as well as on prescription drugs. If you avail of a plan from Avia, you also get a free 60% discount on vision care and 20% savings on prescription drugs.

This just shows that Avia is concerned with your overall dental health and is committed to providing good service at little cost.

And to supplement the great products offered by Avia, Avia aims to provide reliable customer service and professionals backed by high credentials.

With Avia, you can expect only the best.  

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