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Orthodontic Dental Insurance and Discount Plans
Get Braces When You Need Them

Orthodontic dental insurance can help you get the dental treatment that you need the most, despite soaring dental care prices.

Braces are used for the treatment or correction of several dental health problems. They are not just for aesthetic reasons. The usual teeth straightening orthodontic procedures fall under the cosmetic classification.

But majority of those who get braces need them to correct a particular problem with their teeth.

Orthodontic treatments are like therapy for the teeth. They go on continuously for a long time, yielding minor and insignificant results little by little until finally they make a huge difference on the overall appearance of teeth. But braces do not just improve the appearance of teeth.

Do you know that getting braces can actually help you get better dental hygiene and thus make it easier for you to take care of your teeth in the long run?

Braces are the best treatment options for a lot of cases. The reason is that braces are very flexible, so they are customized for each individual case. Dentists get exact impressions of the patient’s teeth and customizes braces that will produce the very specific results that will provide the patient with an ideal set of teeth.

No wonder braces can be pretty expensive, which is why you need any one of these plans to help bring down the costs of braces.

Which Discount Plans Cover Braces?

  • Avia Dental Plan
  • National Discount Services
  • Alliance HealthCard Gold Card

1. Avia Dental Plan

orthodontic dental insuranceAvia Dental Plan is a very beneficial discount dental plan, with discounts ranging between 20% and 70%, with 70% going to basic preventive procedures and specialty services discounted from 20% to 25%, which includes orthodontics as well as periondontics, oral surgery, prosthodontics, endodontics, and pediatric dental care.

For only $124.95 for individuals and $169.95 for families as yearly membership fees, you can enjoy all these plus discounts on vision care and presciption drugs.

The plan is available to anyone; you can include all members of the family in the family package with no age limits. Plans are quickly activated, so you don’t have to wait long for your braces.

Though not the most popular name in the business, Avia is one of the well-recognized discount plans that can serve as a great alternative for orthodontic dental insurance.

2. National Discount Services

Another discount plan that offers discounts for braces is the National Discount Services plan. This plan, however, is only available in California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, and Ohio, where its participating 1,900 dentists are based.

The plan will cost you only $104.95, which makes it relatively more affordable than others of its kind. The downside is mainly the restriction in terms of location. Families can avail of a family package, which costs only $160.

Anyone can join the plan as it has no health restrictions, as long as you are located in the serviced areas or near them. You can enjoy as many discounts as you want every time you go to the dentist, with no annual limits on the benefits you can enjoy.

3. Alliance HealthCard Gold Card

If you want more than just plain old dental care, you can also check out the discount membership offered by Alliance HealthCard, which it calls the Alliance HealthCard Gold Card.

The program allows you to enjoy 30% to 60% discounts on most of your dental procedures, including orthodontics, then offers 9 additional benefits on the side.

So not only will you get braces and perfectly aligned teeth, you also get 15% to 60% discounts on prescription drugs and vision care, 15% to 50% discounts on chiropractic care, free evaluation and 15% to 20% discount on hearing care services and supplies, and discounts on alternative medicine, health clubs, physical therapy, plus access to a nurse hotline.

Diabetics also get 15% to 50% off on diabetes supplies and medications. This is way better than an orthodontic dental insurance.

Do Orthodontic Dental Plans Include Invisalign Braces?

Braces are also becoming more and more comfortable these days. In the past, braces were hard to deal with. But thanks to technology, braces these days are now made better and some invisible options are now also available, thus making them more comfortable and manageable for everyone.

Take note, though, that discount dental plans or traditional orthodontic dental insurance are very specific in the type of braces they cover.

Ask your dental plan provider first if they include Invisalign braces or just the traditional braces.

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