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Cigna Dental Insurance
Flexibility and Affordability in One

Cigna dental insurance is a type of dental care plan which falls under the category of a DHMO.

This is one of the most established providers of DHMO dental insurance plans.

Cigna dental care is one of your top helpers in your quest for an affordable way to obtain proper health care for you and your family, business, or group.

Cigna dental insurance is also not like most insurance policies. In Cigna, you do not have to wait before you can get the benefits out of your insurance package. 

No waiting period means you can get immediate treatment and professional attention for your dental needs.

Aside from that, you do not have to worry about co-payments for diagnostic and preventive dental needs.

What You Need to Know

A few things to know about Cigna Dental Insurance:

  • How it works
  • Advantages of Cigna plans
  • Coverage of Cigna plans

1. How Cigna Dental Works

Cigna Dental InsuranceCigna dental insurance provides affordable and easily accessible for people who need it.

Patients who are under the coverage of Cigna dental plans can avail of reliable dental service from dentists in the Cigna nationwide network.

Cigna boasts of its highly credentialed network of dental professionals, all of which undergo a strict selection and credentialing process before they can participate in a Cigna network.

The company also ensures the quality of the services its members receives by making regular visits to the dentists in their network.

2. Advantages of Cigna Plans

Cigna plans are highly advantageous, which is why a lot of customers prefer them over other dental plans. First of all, Cigna plans require no deductibles, which means that patients can enjoy affordable dental care with no worries.

The dental plan also does not require an annual dollar maximum, and in most situations, you do not have to file claim forms to receive your benefits.

Aside from the cost-friendliness and convenience of Cigna dental insurance, you can also enjoy great flexibility so your dental plan will work for you and your needs.

First, when you avail of family plans from Cigna, each member of the family has the freedom to choose his or her own dentist. And if you require second opinions on diagnosis, these could be arranged with no extra charge.

Aside from that, members of pre-specified group plans can also enrol their dependents under their Cigna plan with no need for procedural referrals.

3. Coverage of Cigna Dental

Cigna plans also offer an excellent coverage that you can trust. All members of Cigna insurance will be entitled to coverage of most preventive and diagnostic dental services.

Every Cigna insurance package will also include two free teeth cleanings and exams every year as well as free x-rays.

Children are also give two fluoride treatments. And you can also choose a plan that provides hefty coverage if you have special needs, such as braces. All members of Cigna plans will be asked to choose one general dentists, but they will get referrals when they have special needs.

Employers can also avail of the special Cigna dental care value plans, which is an expansion of Cigna’s dental plan portfolio. These special value plans are customized for businesses and aim to provide wide-coverage healthcare for employee at a very reasonable cost for the employers.

Savings from Cigna Dental

With a dental plan from Cigna, you can reduce your dental care costs by a big chunk. On average, you can save almost 62% up to 83% of your dental treatments as long as you go to a network dentist.

And since you are able to regularly access dental care, you can prevent major dental problems that can cause even bigger expenses otherwise. Aside from that, you can also receive additional savings of up to 60% on other healthcare services such as weight management and acupuncture.

Finally, you can save a lot more given Cigna’s special Health Rewards discount program.


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