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Cheap Low Cost Dental Insurance Coverage and Plans
Opening Doors to Affordable Dental Care

Cheap Dental Plans Low cost dental insurance coverage may just be what you need to improve your lifestyle and boost your self-confidence.

There’s nothing like a great-looking set of teeth to boost your morale with each smile you flash.

And since dental care is becoming increasingly expensive these days, only cheap dental insurance plans can really help you get regular dental care to keep your teeth healthy.

Popular belief is that dental insurance is not much less expensive than dental care itself. But innovative dental insurance products these days are now more considerate of the tough financial situations of majority of consumers.

That’s why more and more affordable dental insurance options are coming out these days, and one classic example of this is the discount dental plan.

It’s so much easier to get access to affordable dental coverage these days with discount dental plans.

Here are some examples of the plans that can help you get cheaper dental insurance coverage :

Dental Insurance Coverage at a Lower Cost Just A Membership Away

  • Affordable Family Health Services
  • Solstice Plus Plan One
  • Patriot Plan
  • Get a PPO Dental Plan and Going In-Network

1. Affordable Family Health Services

cheap low cost dental insurance coverageIf you want cheap low cost dental insurance coverage, where else should you go but to Affordable Family Health Services?

This plan offers 25% discounts on specialty dental care including oral surgeries, orthodontics, pedodontics, dental implants, gum care, root canals, and so on.

You also get some coverage set aside for cosmetic dentistry procedures. As for the basic dental procedures that are aimed towards promoting good regular dental health and prevention of major dental problems through routine care, Affordable Family Health Services does not just provide discounts based on percentage.

Instead, they drop the price of such procedures including in-depth checkups, routine checkups, teeth cleaning, and so on, to just around $10 to $30. This is even better than getting percentage discounts.

Aside from that, you also get a whole string of add-on benefits such as vision care, chiropractic care, and prescription drugs. You only have to pay $124.95 if you want an individual membership or $169.95 if you want to enroll your entire family. In exchange, you get reliable care and excellent add-on benefits from a company who’s been offering high quality dental coverage since the early 90s.

2. Solstice Plus Plan One

Another source of cheap low cost dental insurance coverage these days is the dental plan offered by Solstice Plus Plan One, which provides discounts ranging between 25% on specialty dental procedures and up to 80% discounts on certain treatments namely root planing and perio scaling.

The best thing about this plan, however, is that routine preventive dental procedures are offered free of any charge to all members of the plan. This is one of the few dental plan sources that provides free care. All benefits will be made available to anyone who pays the membership fee of just $134.95 for an entire year, with an additional $45 if you want to enroll the entire family.

3. Patriot Plan

You should also check out the offers of Patriot Plan. Patriot Plan has one of the lowest membership rates at just $104.95 per year. You should also definitely consider adding $54 and already be able to include the entire family.

Members will be given a special schedule of reduced fees for the dental procedures they might want to avail of. This way, they already know how much they will be charged and how much they will be able to save. Dental procedures will be provided at reduced rates to all members who go to any one of the more than 7,000 dentists in the network.

4. Get a PPO Dental Plan and Going In-Network

Lastly, in general, one of the most popular types of low cost dental insurance plan nowadays is the PPO or Preferred Provider Organization plans. These plans, as implied, allow you to choose your preferred dental care provider.

PPO plans are offered by companies who support an extensive network of dentists. The company builds a partnership with these dentists and negotiates rates for your dental treatments with these dentists.

PPO plans are flexible and are very beneficial, which is why they are now quite popular. However, in order to maximize the benefits of a PPO plan, it is important that you choose an in-network dentist rather than choose a preferred dentist outside the network.

Although some are more comfortable working with their own dentist outside the network, you can enjoy lower costs if you choose an in-network provider.

The 101 Guide to Discount Dental Plans

In addition to regular dental insurance affordable dental plans can also greatly benefit large families who would like to receive good dental care for every member but avoid the unbelievably high costs this would entail.

A few tips on cheap dental plans:

  • What are Discount Dental Plans?
  • What You Get from Discount Dental Plans
  • Applying for Cheap Dental
  • Receiving Additional Healthcare from Discount Dental Plans

1. What are Dental Plans?

low cost dental insuranceDiscount dental plans, by definition, are dental coverage plans that provide you with a network of participating dentists, all of which have agreed to provide dental services at discounted rates to all members of the plan. Most of the time, discount plans can cut off up to 80% of your total dental service costs, depending on the plan you choose and the dental procedure you had done.

The only stipulation is that you provide full payment for the price you get charged minus the discounts. Discount dental plan members are given membership cards, which they need to present to the dentists to avail of the discounts. Members who do not present membership cards will not be entitled to the discounts.

2. What You Get from Discount Dental

Discount dental plans are more beneficial than you might think. Aside from the discounted rates, this special type of cheap dental plans also offers a full range of other benefits for members to enjoy.

For one thing, discount dental plans provide an extensive network of dentists in all regions, so you can easily avail of discounted dental services under a discount plan. This will help you take better care of your teeth. And to top it all off, you also get free membership months as well as free dental procedures upon membership.

3. Applying for Cheaper Dental Plans

It is so much easier to apply for membership in a discount dental plan than to invest in a dental insurance plan. Some of these cheap dental plans even allow online enrolments, and once you get your membership card, your benefits start immediately.

Online enrolments take away the need for paperwork, which is a big disadvantage of dental insurance plans. And with discount dental plans, there will be no waiting periods or deductibles. You simply have to pay the required membership fee.

All in all, application is way simpler and the process takes a short time so you can start availing of cheap dental procedures as soon as possible.

4. Receiving Additional Healthcare from Discount Dental Plans

Discount dental plans can also provide you with additional healthcare. These plans do not just focus on providing dental care. You can also receive vision and hearing care benefits or discounts, prescription discounts, behavioural counselling discounts, discounts on chiropractic and physical therapy treatments, and so on.

Some discount dental plans even offer specialized health benefits such as discounts on diabetes supplies.

Where to Start Looking

There are a lot of discount dental plans around. Fortunately, they are easy to compare. In fact, some websites already offer comparison charts that can help you find cheap dental plans that provide the best value for your money. Some good companies to check out include, Avia Dental Plans, Basic Health Direct, and HealthPlan One., however, is one of the biggest sites that offer an extensive collection of comparative information on a lot of discount dental plans. The site offers comparison charts as well as online enrolments to all the plans offered on the site. Some discount dental plans you can check out include Aetna Dental Access, GE Wellness Plan, Patriot Plan, UNI-Care 200 Discount Dental Plan, Preferred Network Access, Access Dental Plan, among several others.

Members of discount dental plans are provided with membership cards that they need to present to the dentist every time they get a dental treatment. Such plans are becoming very popular and are all over the Internet nowadays.

First, there’s the widely popular Aetna Dental Access, which costs $104.95 and $159.95 per year for individuals and families, respectively. The Aetna Dental Access plans are special programs that offer great savings.

Another good example of a discount dental plan with great value is the UNI-Care 100 Discount Dental Plan, which only costs $79.95 per year for individual members and $129.95 per year for families.

Low Cost Insurance Made Easy

It is now very easy to find cheap low cost dental coverage now thanks to the Internet. Most dental plan companies allow potential members to enroll online.

This way, there is no need to deal with a lot of paperwork anymore. Not only has dental care become cheaper; it has also become easier.

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