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Save Money on Dental Health
Tips on How to Save Money and Have Great Teeth

To save money on dental health is no longer an impossible feat. There are now many ways to save money and also have great-looking, uncompromised, and perfectly healthy teeth.

The newest shortcut to healthy teeth accompanied by a healthy bank account is the discount dental plan. Discount dental plans help you get good dental care without driving you to the point of debt. There are no limits to the benefits of dental care anymore and to how much you can save as well thanks to the entrance of dental plans.

The dental plan formula goes like this: amazing discounts on all dental procedures, unlimited benefits for an entire year, plus an affordable annual membership fee.

Then you can subtract premiums, interest fees, deductibles, and limits on benefits from the equation. Due to the subtraction of premiums and deductibles, dental plans have ceased to become traditional dental insurance plans.

Instead, these are considered as discount programs that have a special way of providing dental care benefits to its members. A special way it is, indeed, since most plans offer up to 70% coverage for most dental procedures.


Here are three examples of these discount programs that can help you save money on dental health.

Dental Programs to Help You Save Money

  • DenteMax Discount Dental Plan for 40% discounts
  • Affordable Family Health Services for 60% discounts
  • Access Dental Plan for 60% discounts

1. DenteMax Discount Dental Plan for 40% discounts

save money on dental healthOne of the best dental programs that can help you save money on dental health is DenteMax discount dental plan, which offers discounts ranging up to 40% on most of your regular dental care services.

The plan’s discounts apply to all dental procedures, from the general procedures to the specialty procedures, with some differences in the discount percentages.

These discounts are available to any individual who’s interested for a price of only $104.95. But if you want to enjoy the entire family, you don’t have to pay $104.95 for each member. Just pay $159.95 and all members of your family can get the DenteMax dental health protection that you need.

2. Affordable Family Health Services for special benefits

The biggest benefit that sets the Affordable Family Health Services apart from the competition is the set of benefits that the plan offers to its members on top of the dental care package that they paid for.

These additional benefits are all provided completely for free. So instead of just enjoying up to 60% discounts on general dental procedures plus 25% discounts on specialty procedures, you can also enjoy discounts for when you seek chiropractic care or vision care, or if you are going to buy prescription drugs.

To enjoy this multi-tiered benefits package, you simply have to become a member of the Affordable Family Health Services plan and pay the membership fee, which is very affordable considering that it will provide you with quality discounts throughout the year.

3. Access Dental Plan for 60% discounts

If 40% or 50% is not enough for you, you should then get 60% discounts instead. One program that can help you save money on dental health by providing you with whopping 60% discounts is the Access Dental Plan.

The plan works with around 15,000 dentists in the country, and all dentists are contracted to provide the highest quality of care they can possibly provide then charge discounted rates for it. There is no doubt that Access Dental Plan has become a common choice among people who just want to have access to affordable dental care.

Save Time and Save Money

You won’t just save money when you seek affordable dental health offers of dental programs. These programs will also help you save time. Most dental plans accept online enrolment.

After enrolling you just need to pay the membership fee and be able to use discounts on your dental procedures, even on the day following registration. The plans also crossed paperwork out of the equation. This is definitely the best way to save time and save money on dental health.

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