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Cigna Dental Providers
Cigna Deserves Your Trust

Cigna dental providers offer thousands of individuals and family members in the country quality dental care.

One of the secrets behind the success of Cigna dental plans is the solid network of dental providers under its wing.

The Cigna dental networks come in two forms: a PPO network and an HMO network. These two networks service the members of Cigna Dental Care or DHMO and Cigna Dental PPO or DPPO.

Cigna dental providers are properly motivated to provide high-quality service to you even with the discounts that Cigna dental plans entitle you to. This is because Cigna takes good care of its dental providers to keep them properly compensated and motivated.

How exactly do Cigna keep its dental providers happy and well-motivated? Here are some of the key features enjoyed by dental providers under the Cigna networks.

Why You Can Trust Cigna Dentists

A few good reasons to trust Cigna dental providers:

  • Competitive fee schedules
  • Cigna Network Rewards Program
  • Proper credentialing
  • Quality assurance

1. Competitive fee schedules

cigna dental providersCigna dental providers enjoy competitive fee schedules.

The fees charged for dental services are affordable for members of the Cigna dental plans but are also competitive for the dental providers.

Due to this, dentists in the network can enjoy the potential of big financial rewards especially when Cigna plan members start lining up at their doors. The fee schedules are also made flexible and customizable so that the concerns of each provider are properly met.

2. Cigna Network Rewards Program

All Cigna dental providers become part of the Cigna Network Rewards Program, which entitles them to several additional benefits that range from health and wellness, education, computer hardware and software, website development, office and dental supplies and equipment, consulting services, and most of all, dental labs.

Cigna plan holders will also benefit from this. With Cigna providers properly connected to the best dental labs such as Panoussi’s Dental Lab Inc. in California, Port Jefferson Dental Lab Inc., Sharp Dental Lab, and Biotech Dental Prosthetics, your crowns, bridges, dentures, veneers, and so on will be created with the best technology and highest quality level.

3. Proper credentialing

All Cigna dental providers undergo proper credentialing to maintain the integrity of the entire Cigna network. Cigna dentists are evaluated based on standards set by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

All dentists are checked based on the following requirements: a state license, a DEA or Controlled Substance Certificate, a graduate degree from an accredited dental school, specialty training verification, professional liability insurance, malpractice and sanction history, onsite dental facility assessment, and a review of utilization data.

All dentists will also be under a contract with Cigna to make sure all agreements are applied and to ensure high quality service.

With such a strict credentialing process, members of the Cigna dental programs can enjoy service from the best dentists in town.

4. Quality assurance

All Cigna dental providers are further evaluated using a quality assurance process that helps maintain the quality of care and services offered by the dentists.

The quality management program includes a recredentialing, accessibility monitoring, health promotion and preventive care, performance monitoring, complaint and grievance review, and member satisfaction surveys. Corrective actions are also implemented when necessary.

This credentialing and quality assurance process is guided by an automated tool to help maintain the integrity of the process.


There are many advantages of being a dental provider and a member of the Cigna dental network.

The first and most important advantage is the long experience of the company in its service field. Cigna Dental is an affiliate of Connecticut General Life Insurance Company, which has been around since 1865. Cigna Dental has been meeting the needs of millions of people for over 40 years now.

Cigna dental providers and members can benefit from the dedicated provider support staff, a solid administration, an expanding market, and competitive fees.

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