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Insurance For Braces
Financial Aid for Your Orthodontics Treatment

Insurance for braces is not that difficult to find, especially nowadays that demand for it has risen. Insurance providers respond by giving several options for these patients who are in need of orthodontics.

There are now at least three major options you can use if you need coverage for orthodontics treatment.

You can get a traditional PPO dental insurance that covers braces, a discount plan that offers discounts for braces, or a special discount plan that focuses only on braces.

Top Three Options

  1. PPO Dental Insurance from Aetna
  2. Discount Plan with Orthodontics - Signature Wellness Plan
  3. Special Orthodontics Plan - OrthoCare Orthodontic Discount Program

1. PPO Dental Insurance from Aetna

Insurance for BracesThe first thing that will come to mind if insurance for braces is talked about is a PPO dental insurance.

PPO dental insurance plans are the most popular types of dental insurance. These are called Preferred Provider Organization plans which allow you to go to the dentist you prefer and gives discounts both for in-network dentists and out-of-network ones.

One of the best is the PPO dental plan from Aetna, which offers worldwide coverage and ofers the same co-insurance rates regardless of which licensed dentist you go to, as long as the service is covered by the plan. This PPO plan is also unique because it does not charge deductibles.

This is a standalone dental plan that has over 101,000 participating dentists who can give you extra benefits such as bigger annual maximum limit for the benefits you can enjoy.

If you go to these in-network dentists, your annual maximum limit is $3000. If you go to out-of-network dentists, the annual maximum is just $2000.

The plan covers most preventive and major dental services, including orthodontics. You also get plan extras such as discounts on dental care gums, electric toothbrushes, vision care, hearing services, alternative health care, and fitness memberships.

2. Discount Plan with Orthodontics – Signature Wellness Plan

You can also become a member of a discount plan that offers discounts for orthodontic services.

Discount plans are like mini insurance plans. Instead of paying co-insurance, the plan instead transacts directly with a network of dentists to convince them to consider discounted fees as payment in full for the services availed of by their members.

This is easier for most people to manage because there are no annual limits on how much discounts you can get; you can enjoy discounts for the entire year of membership that you paid for.

Signature Wellness Plan is one of the well-rounded discount plans that offer discounts for orthodontics as well as for other important dental procedures, with special emphasis on procedures that aim to prevent and detect dental issues early before they cause bigger damage.

As a wellness plan, this plan also offers you discounts on vision care, prescription drugs, and chiropractic care, all these for just a yearly fee of $144.95 and $199.95 for individual members and for families, respectively.

3. OrthoCare Orthodontic Discount Plan

You can also avail of a discount dental plan focused solely on orthodontic treatment.

There aren’t many of these, but you can check out the OrthoCare Orthodontic Discount Plan, which offers meaningful savings on braces for both children and adults.

Since it only offers orthodontic discounts, the plan only charges $84.95 for individuals and $109.95 for families; the prices already last for an entire year of membership and unlimited benefits. This plan is also easy to avail of and offers instant benefits the moment you become a full-fledged member.

Discounts are 20% on both partial and full orthodontic treatment for any age, plus 20% discounts on periodic evaluation of the ongoing orthodontic treatment.

Choosing Your Orthodontist

Insurance for braces can limit you to just a certain number of dentists to choose from, which means you can’t go to just any dentist if you want to get the full benefits of the plan you availed of.

There could be a bit of a problem here since it is important for you to choose an orthodontist meticulously, given that orthodontics is a complicated dental procedure. It is a long process that will require constant evaluation of your dentist.

You need to find a dentist you have complete confidence in, so make sure to look for an insurance plan honored by a lot of dentists.

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