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Independent Dental Coverage
How to Buy the Right Dental Coverage for Yourself

Independent dental coverage is a dental coverage outside of a group plan that is normally obtained from an employer.

Majority of people are covered by dental coverage obtained from their employers as part of the benefits they get as employees. However, there are many instances when an independent dental coverage becomes necessary.

People who are self-employed or own their businesses will not receive any employment benefits. There are also cases when dental coverage obtained from an employer simply does not provide enough coverage to cover all your needs.

In such cases, the solution is independent dental coverage.

This will allow you to obtain your own dental plan and can help save you from high dental costs, especially given the soaring costs of dental care.

However, since you won’t have an employer to do the choosing for you, the responsibility to choose the right dental coverage lies in your own hands. This means you have to be very careful and meticulous so as to make the right decision. Here are the important things you should watch out for.

What to Consider When Buying Independent Coverage for Your Teeth

Points to consider when buying an independent dental plans :

  • Costs of Dental Plan
  • Choice of Dentist
  • The Dental Coverage You Get
  • Waiting Periods for Dental Coverage

1. Costs of Dental Plan

independent dental coverageIn choosing a dental plan, your first concern should be focused on how much a dental plan will cost you.

Your decision, when it comes to expenses, should be based on two things: the money you have to shell out and the total amount of benefits you get in exchange.

For the first, it is important you go with a plan you know you can afford and sustain to avoid future problems with it.

For the second, you should go for a dental plan that offers a high yearly maximum or the largest amount your dental insurance will pay for your dental care in a year.

2. Choice of Dentist

One factor that a lot of consumers are very particular about is the choice of dentists offered to them by their dental plans.

This is why the PPO dental plans are considered to be more popular than the HMO plans because the former allows people to choose their preferred dentists without any restrictions.

For some people, this factor is more important than it is for others. Some patients are very meticulous about the dentists they trust with their dental care and make it a point to see only dentists they are comfortable with.

If you are particular about this factor, make sure to take this into consideration when choosing your individual dental coverage. If you already have a trusted dental care provider, look for a dental program that allows you to retain your dentists’ services.

3. The Dental Coverage You Get

And of course, you have to consider the overall coverage you get. Your decision should also be based on your individual needs. If you think you will most likely need extensive dental treatments within the year, then go for a dental plan that offers a wider range of benefits even though it will cost you more.

In the long run, the wider range of benefits will offset the expenses you would otherwise have spent on procedures not covered by your basic coverage. Most dental plans draw the line with root canals, which are often already considered a major procedure.

Other more extensive procedures tend to be expensive, and it would help if you can get coverage for them, too.

But if you are after basic coverage only, you can consider getting a basic dental plan that offers full coverage for preventative, basic, and restorative dental procedures. These include cleanings, X-rays, sealants, fluoride, fillings, and simple extractions.

4. Waiting Periods for Independent Dental Coverage

And it’s not just about the level of coverage you get. It’s also about when you get it. This is why you have to consider the waiting periods of various independent dental coverage plans.

Waiting periods are the time you have to wait before you get covered for your dental procedures. There are dental plans that offer immediate coverage, which means you get instant coverage the moment your dental insurance plan has been finalized.

Some plans have very long waiting periods, which can be inconvenient and may not be able to pay for sudden dental needs.

Saving Money

There are many ways to save money on an independent dental coverage.

You can ask for family plans so you can have your entire family covered; this tend to offer lower individual rates than single plans. 

If you want, you can also look for other friends who are looking for dental coverage and apply for group plans to help decrease your rates.

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