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Cost of Dental Implants
Things to Consider about Dental Implant Expenses

The cost of dental implants can be quite high. After all, implants are permanent and are made of titanium and other metal materials.

Aside from that, dental implant surgeries take a long time and require special training and expertise.

The surgery comes in two steps: first, the dentist will first place a titanium screw post in the jaw of the patient then wait for the gums to heal around that post. Once the gum heals, a replacement tooth will be placed on top of the post.

But the high cost of dental implants doesn’t change the fact that dental implants are the best replacements for teeth and the best remedy for tooth loss.

It is natural for teeth to get injured and lost due to disease, age, injury, and so on. Missing teeth can affect the appearance of a person and can injure not just a person’s teeth but also his confidence and self-esteem. Dentures may be effective replacements but may not be as pleasant and comfortable as implants.

Dental implants, however, are costly, but for a reason. Implants are helpful in preventing bone loss and can keep gums from receding.

Cost Considerations for Dental Implants

Some of the costs involved to be considered during dental implants include :

  • Typical costs
  • What is included?
  • Additional costs
  • Financing options

1. Typical costs

cost of dental implantsThe typical costs of dental implants are between $1,250 and $3,000, but this can most likely increase.

Typically, the costs will cover the materials used and the labor and time of the dentist. The typical costs are affected by your location, your dentist’s expertise, and the complexity of the work needed depending on the condition of the gum and the teeth around the lost tooth.

2. What is included ?

The payment for a dental implant should already include all the materials that will be used for the implant and for the procedure. You will have to pay for the titanium screw or post that will be implanted into the jawbone. The fee should also cover the entire procedure, which usually takes a full surgical team and more than six months to complete.

3. Additional costs

Although the typical cost of dental implants seem affordable enough, your own unique condition and other factors may cause the costs to rise beyond what you can afford. Your dental implants expense can reach up to $15,000 or even $30,000 depending on a lot of other factors.

This is because you don’t just pay for the implant and the work of the dentist. Aside from these, you have to pay for the entire surgery, which will include anesthesia, a synthetic bone material (if necessary), office visits to the dentist, x-rays (if necessary), and so on.

4. Financing options

There are many financing options for dental implants that you can consider to lower the cost of dental implants and to make dental implants a possibility for you. For example, some dentists offer free or discounted implant rates in order to bring in more customers. Some insurance companies offer discounts or coverage for dental implants.

Some dental societies under the American Dental Association also sometimes partially shoulders the cost of dental implants for patients with low income and dire need for implants.

Another common financing option comes from dental colleges. Colleges offering dentistry courses needs volunteer patients for future dentists to work on. These dentists are under the supervision of licensed dentists at all times, so you will still get high-quality implant surgery you can trust.

Different Cost Based on Type

There are many types of dental implants, and the type you choose will affect the cost of dental implants you will be asked to pay.

There is the root form implant or screw type implant wherein the implant is shaped like the actual root of a tooth. Due to this, it is the most commonly used type. However, this is only suitable for cases where there is enough space and depth in the jawbone for the placement of the implant.

There is also the plate form implant, which is ideal for narrow jawbones. The plate is flat and long and can fit a narrow jawbone better.

Lastly, there’s the subperiosteal implant, which is best for cases where there is not enough bone width or height. Your dentist will first make an impression on your jawbone and create a custom-fit implant for that area, in which it is placed afterwards.

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