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Cure Bad Breath
Is It Possible?

To cure bad breath can be a challenging thing, depending on how you approach the problem. In approaching a problem, the most important first step is to see what causes it in the first place.

However, bad breath, also known in the medical world as halitosis, is a case-to-case condition; it is not caused by one common thing in all instances. Several things can lead to bad breath, and it is important for you to know these causes before you can successfully cure bad breath.

Several things can help you cure your bad breath problem, but only the treatment option that targets the cause of your problem will work. This is why you cannot cure halitosis without knowing where it’s coming from.

In searching for a cure for bad breath, you can either go to the dentist or seek home remedies. Here are some important pieces of information that can help you get rid of your problem.

Key Information You Need

  • What causes it?
  • Home remedies for bad breath
  • Clinical remedies for halitosis

1. What causes it?

cure bad breathSeveral things can be the possible root of a bad breath problem. More often than not, bad breath is caused by poor dental hygiene or improperly and inadequately maintained teeth.

In the extreme case, a decaying tooth will naturally be accompanied by a foul smell. But this is not the only cause. People who suffer from gum disease can also experience having a foul smell issuing from their mouth.

Also, bad breath can develop if the person frequently consumes alcohol or smokes.

Sometimes, however, the problem isn’t even in your mouth. Some health problems can cause bad breath as a side effect or symptom.

For example, accumulation of heavy metal into the body can be signified by bad breath. Some chronic diseases such as liver disease, diabetes, and esophageal cancer can also be possible causes. Also, the use of certain drugs for one health condition you might have can also unexpectedly cause bad breath as a downside.


There are a lot of possible causes. If you try to address a bad breath problem by maintaining proper hygiene but the problem turned out to be caused by a drug you are taking then your chosen solution will not do anything.

2. Home remedies for bad breath

Having bad breath can be embarrassing, so it is understandable if you don’t go straight to the doctor for your bad breath. You can, instead, try some home remedies first.

First of all, the use of the right dental care products is important in curing bad breath. There are some dental hygiene products that you think can help you cure bad breath, but in truth, some of these products such as mouthwashes sometimes have the opposite effect.

A mouthwash, for one thing, contains ingredients that help keep the mouth dry during the night to prevent bacteria, which thrives in moist areas, from surviving. Unfortunately, having dry mouth for the entire night can cause bad breath instead of cure it.

You can also try other home remedies such as washing your tongue with a baking soda mixture, chewing parsley, coriander, rosemary, wintergreen, cinnamon bark, clove, thyme, and so on. These are the natural breath fresheners of nature.

You should also drink plenty of water especially before sleeping. Lastly, you can also try eating unflavored yogurt regularly for 6 weeks. Studies have shown that this can help cleanse the mouth of 80% of bacteria that are known to cause bad breath.

3. Clinical remedies for halitosis

If home remedies does not solve the problem, you can enlist the help of your dentist on how to effectively cure bad breath. Your dentist will give you a thorough diagnostic session to see what causes your bad breath.

Then you will be given a specific treatment program using special treatment kits developed to help address the problem. Treatment programs, of course, will be based on what the cause of your bad breath is. If it concerns the teeth or gums, treatment for the teeth or gum problem will also be addressed first and foremost.

Why Get A Dental Plan for Bad Breath?

Cure bad breath and make sure it never comes back. You can do this by getting a dental plan that offers huge discounts on preventive and maintenance dental procedures such as regular cleanings.

Some plans even offer these procedures for free. By giving you access to dental procedures such as these, you can easily cure bad breath for good by maintaining a clean mouth.

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