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Save Money on Dental Insurance
The Type of Plan for Your Type of Dental Care

Save money on dental insurance with the help of the innovative dental insurance options available around.

Gone were the days when dental insurance all boiled down to choosing either PPO or HMO then paying monthly premiums and going after claims.

Now, dental insurance companies who sincerely want you to get full benefits from special dental programs have come up with discount dental plans. These plans are designed so that benefits get to consumers in a more straightforward manner. Instead of having to ask for reimbursements, consumers can enjoy instant discounts by becoming a member of these dental programs.

There are now so many of these special discount-oriented dental programs that it is difficult to choose which one is best for you.

To help you out, here are three different plans and what special offer they have.

This way, you can easily compare and see which one fits your needs best.

Dental Plans that Address Specific Needs

  • OptumHealth Allies Dental Program – Specialty-Focused Dental Care
  • Signature Wellness Plan – Wellness-Focused Dental Care
  • Careington Care 500 Series – Full Coverage at an Affordable Price

1. OptumHealth Allies Dental Program – Specialty-Focused Dental Care

save money on dental insuranceIf you are after specialty dental care, your best option to save money on dental insurance is OptumHealth Allies Dental Program.

This dental plan is unique because instead of focusing on the promotion of preventive care, it found its niche by focusing on specialized dental procedures.

The plan offers large discounts on specialty care including dental implants, dentures, root canals, crowns, bridges, oral surgery, and so on. The specialty-focused coverage charges only $159.95 for individuals for an entire year and $189.95 for families.

And to help you save even more money, OptumHealth Allies throws in vision care discounts as well.

2. Signature Wellness Plan – Wellness-Focused Dental Care

If you’re a health buff and you want to take good care of your teeth as part of a total wellness program, you can save money on dental insurance and still get the exact type of care you want with Signature Wellness Plan.

This is a highly affordable plan costing only $114.95 for each individual and for each year. The plan is the complete opposite of the OptumHealth Allies offer. The Signature Wellness Plan knows that good wellness is impossible without regular, unfailing health and hygiene, and that’s why this plan puts a heavy stress on preventive and routine dental care services to help promote the importance of preventive care as the way to avoiding really expensive major dental treatments for major dental problems.

Although the plan offers some discounts on some non-basic dental procedures including braces, these discounts are smaller compared to discounts on preventive-focused services. And to help you become a total wellness buff, the Signature Wellness Plan also offers discounts on vision care and chiropractic services. You can avail of all these benefits with no limit.

The Signature Wellness Plan is the pocket-friendly alternative that puts heavy stress on preventive and diagnostic care, or prevention of major dental problems and early detection of minor problems.

The plan is also considered as a wellness plan since it also provides benefits on vision care, chiropractic care, and prescription drugs.

3. Careington Care 500 Series – Full Coverage at an Affordable Price

If you want just the full coverage for full protection, then you should check out the offers of Careington Care, more specifically its Careington Care 500 Series.

This plan offers irresistible discounts for both basic dental procedures and major dental procedures. Basic procedures are covered up to 60% while specialty procedures are covered up to 20%. The plan also comes with discount privileges for vision care services, Lasik services, and prescription drug purchases.

The membership fees are at $139.95 for individuals and $189.95 for families.

How to Choose the Right Dental Plan

The right choice for you ultimately depends on your needs. Some of you need specialty dental care so they can get help taking care of serious dental problems or needs such as the need for braces or oral surgery. Some, on the other hand, want to get regular dental care as part of an overall wellness program.

There are also some who simply want dental care to keep teeth healthy and protected at all times. Remember that there are different plans that are appropriate for these different purposes and you have to choose correctly if you want to save money on dental insurance.

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