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Monarch dental is a dental corporation that manages and administrates dental services to dental practices in various markets.

The company’s business is focused on long-term agreements. They contract with dental group practices to facilitate administrative concerns the practice may need. The company has been steadily growing, and it now has more than 150 dental group practices under its care.

These are scattered all over the country. Some are found in Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Arkansas, New Mexico, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida. Due to its growing dominance, the company is now known as the country’s largest provider of dental business support services.

The company also has its own dental offices, which provide different types of dental services ranging from general dentistry procedures to more complex procedures.

To be more specific, services include bonding, crowns, prosthetics, dental exams, cleanings, and specialty procedures such as orthodontics, periodontics, oral surgery, endodontics, and pediatric dentistry.

All services of Monarch Dental are offered by Bright Now! Dental, which is the main company that operates the Monarch Dental offices as well as Castle Dental and Newport Dental.

Different Branches of Monarch Dental Care

Know about branches of Monarch Dental:

  • Monarch in Utah
  • Monarch in Taylorsville
  • Monarch in Dallas

1. Monarch in Utah

Monarch DentalThe Monarch Dental branch in Fork, Utah opened in 2006 and was the first out of four different Bright Now! Dental facilities in the Utah area.

The opening of the Utah branches showed even more the committed approach by which Bright Now! conducts its services in order to improve the dental condition of the folks in Utah and all over the country. The four Utah branches are just part of the seven different branches of Monarch in the state.

The Utah branch focuses on providing dental services to local communities in the area. The dental team assigned to the area offers general, preventive, and specialty dental care services. The branch is geared to take advantage of the growing dental market in the city.

2. Monarch in Taylorsville

Another Monarch Dental branch is the Taylorsville branch. The opening of this location was able to make a monumental expansion of the services of the company. Through the Taylorsville branch, Monarch is now able to serve the entire Lake City area.

The Taylorsville branch was the third branch to open in the Utah area in the same year. It closely followed the branch that offered over at Fork, Utah. The other Utah brand is found in Bountiful, and another in South Jordan. Together with the Taylorsville branch, the four different Utah branches create a great dental care environment in the area.

3. Monarch in Dallas

Bright Now! Dental has undergone several expansions in the Dallas area encompassing the Fort Worth area with their Monarch brand.

Monarch Dental, therefore, now has a very stable foothold in the Dallas area. Just last year, it opened a new office coupled with a specialty center once again in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. This latest expansion is in line with Bright Now! Dental’s aim of providing great smiles for everyone.

The new Monarch Dental branch will be found in Rowlett, while the new Specialty Center will be found in Plano. This unique development is expected to launch Monarch Dental’s new focus on specialty dental care services.

Aside from that, another Monarch office also opened in Weatherford, which was counted as the 53rd office in the said Dallas and Fort Worth area. This office, however, when opened in June of 2009, was hailed as the 300th office of Bright Now! Dental.

The Dedicated Work of Monarch Dental

All Monarch Dental offices aim to provide consumers a place where they can go to for their important dental needs.

The services provided by Monarch through Bright Now! Dental are convenient and comfortable. And with the Monarch brand making the rounds all over the country, people can find a friendly place to go to almost anywhere at any time they need dental health care.

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