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Dental Insurance Plans
Choosing the Best Type of Plan for You

Dental insurance plans play a big role in helping people cope with dental health care without the exceedingly high costs. There are quite a lot of insurance dental plans around, and they come in various types to meet your various needs and expectations.

In choosing dental insurance plans, there are a lot of factors that you should consider.

First, there are budget concerns, since dental plans require financial investments.

Aside from that, you have to consider how much coverage you need. You should consider the level of dental care your teeth require.

If you need dentures, sealants, or just cavity fillings, take these into consideration when choosing your dental plan. Just make sure to include regular checkups, which should always be provided.

Here are some of the dental insurance types you might encounter.

Different Types of Dental Insurance Plans

Dental Insurance Plans The various types of dental insurance plans include:

  • Indemnity Insurance Plan
  • HMO Network Dental Insurance
  • Direct Reimbursement Plans
  • PPO Dental Insurance
  • Discount Dental Plans

1. Indemnity Insurance Plan

Indemnity insurance is a very flexible type of dental plan. In this type of insurance, you can choose your own dentist, which makes it a beneficial option for people who have specific preferences. Once you choose your dentist, the indemnity insurance plan will pay the dental office of your choice for your dental treatments. In such plans, the insurance company shoulders around half or even up to 80% of the fees for the procedures that are covered under the plan, and you will only have to pay the remaining balance. These plans can also have special conditions depending on your needs. Indemnity plans will usually cost you around $25 monthly. You can find indemnity plans mostly from state insurance departments.

2. HMO Network Dental Insurance

There is also what is called HMO Network dental insurance plans, which refer to a network of individuals who belong to a specific comprehensive dental care plan which partners with a designated dentist or dental clinic for the dental care of the said members. The payment mode in this type of insurance is based on the number of patients that the insurance network assigns to the dental clinic, and is not based on the actual expense. This means that the bigger the network is, the less you’ll need to pay. This, however, will require monthly premiums and a registration fee.

3. Direct Reimbursement Plans

The direct reimbursement dental insurance plans are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. This type of dental plan is, by nature, a plan that you yourself will fund. It may not be essentially an insurance plan, but it is a popular dental coverage plan used by employers for their employees. Instead of relying on an insurance company, in direct reimbursement plans, the company itself shells out for the dental expenses of their employees. But it is called a direct reimbursement plan because you, as the patient, will first pay your dental expenses, then have your expenses reimbursed by your company. This is beneficial because you can choose your own dentist. Such plans usually come with limits as to how much your employer will shoulder.      

4. PPO Dental Insurance

A PPO dental insurance plan stands for Preferred Provider Organization plan, wherein a group of patients can source their dental care from a specified list of dentists. All the dentists included in the list will provide lower fees for patients who are members of PPO dental plans. This type of plan is hassle-free, easy to use, and will help you save on all your procedures. The discounted rates make this plan a very affordable option for consumers.

5. Discount Dental Plans

But if you are on a tight budget, you can go for discount dental plans which scrape up to 70% of the regular prices of dental procedures. Such plans are less detailed than the traditional form of dental insurance, so they are easy to use and easy to avail of.

Great Insurance Dental Plans to Check Out

Dental insurance plans are everywhere; you can find them from actual insurance companies and they also proliferate online. The online option is becoming very popular because of convenience. If you are looking for a dental plan online, be sure to visit, which is one of the most popular dental plan websites around.

The site compiles more than thirty different types of dental plans that you can choose from, including the most popular ones. They have Aetna Dental Access plans, GE Wellness Plans, UNI-CARE 200 Discount Dental Plans, Alliance Healthcard Gold Cards, Dent-All Plans, Dental Care Advantage plans, Dentemax Discount Dental Plans, and several others.          


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