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First Dental Health

by Susan
(Orange County, California)

First Dental Health

First Dental Health

Allow me to contribute my familys experience about First Dental Health. I availed a discount dental plan under this company called New Dental Choice which caught my attention because it is the first of its kind. It is the first and only discount dental plan that was awarded a license by the State of California. By this alone, it is an indication that my family and I are assured of high quality dental care and this is good enough as savings for me.

Cheap Dental Costs against Affordable Dental Expenses

Not that I am trying to put down those who are availing of dental insurance plans without such credentials, but my family and I had been through that kind of plan before and we were not fortunate enough to get the best in dental health care. Basically I was glad to pay for cheap dental costs but in the long run, we also got cheap dental care.

Let me show you one of the differences:

In First Dental Health this is how much it costs me in dental expenses:

New Dental Choice Family Annual Plan Fee $120.00
Deductibles 0.00
Crown paid through New Dental Choice Plan $655.00
My total expenses $ 775.00

Now if I still had my dental insurance:

Annual Insurance premium paid $ 480.00
Deductible $ 50.00
My Share in Crown Payment $ 500.00
Cost under Dental Insurance $1,030.00

I was actually able to save $255 with First Dental Health dental plan

Other advantages that I realized using First Dental Health dental plan :

1. I did not have to worry about high monthly premiums.

2. As a member, I was entitled to discounts on any dental needs whenever I or my family needed one. There were no annual maximum benefits and no limits to the number of visits to the dentist in any given year. There are no restrictions or exclusions.

3. There were no deductibles.

4. As soon as we became a member, there was no waiting period for the dental services we needed.

5. There are no claim forms to fill out; discount is claimed upon presentation of membership card.

6. First Dental Health Plans provides us a list of the pre-negotiated rates that have been worked out with dentists and specialists. These dentists are credentialed and are no doubt the best in their field.

7. There are about 14,000 dental practices located in California.

Best Benefit and Savings of All

Best of all, because First Dental Health and its New Dental Choice Family Annual Plan was licensed, the dentists and the company are subject to review and regulations by the California Dental Board. This means the consumer is protected and there is somewhere we could bring our grievances to. Whereas before we only posted complaints and made threats of pulling out our insurance coverages, without any actions at all to address our issues.

That is the best savings I consider most of all because the dental work we have been getting of late seemed to be worth what we are paying for. The dentist we are using now under First Dental Health has been giving us preventive care that prevent our frequent visits to the dentist.

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