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If you want help with dental bills, the biggest sources of affordable dental care assistance these days are discount dental plans.

Discount dental plans are the newest addition to the family of dental insurance plans. The way these plans offer dental care benefits and financial benefits is very unique.

Instead of offering you coverage that determines the amount you pay for as premiums and promising to pay for the remaining balance of dental care services you avail of after you pay the amount you set as your deductible, discount plans welcome you as their member then gives you access to all privileges they offer to other members like you.

This means all members get the same amount of coverage and benefits; the coverage you will enjoy will not be based on how much you pay.

Discount dental plans also provide discounts outright. You don’t have to shoulder the costs first then request for a claim.

When you go to your dentist, you will already pay for your dental care procedure, but the price will already be reduced based on a predetermined discount arrangement.

For example, before joining, your discount dental plan will already tell you how much discounts they will offer for specific types of dental procedures. They can either offer a 50% discount on braces or an 80% discount on cleanings. The discounts will be automatically deducted from your bill to give you help with dental bills.

Convinced? Here are some discount dental plans that can help with your dental expenses.

Which Discount Plans Can Help with Your Bills?

  • UNI-CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan
  • Solstice Plus Plan One
  • Careington Select Plan

1. UNI-CARE 200 Discount Dental Plan

help with dental billsUNI-CARE 200 is the second offer from UNI-CARE, which also provides the UNI-CARE 100 plan.

The UNI-CARE 100 plan offers a very limited coverage, so the 200 plan is better when it comes to coverage. The plan costs only $114.95 for an entire year if you are an individual. Families have to pay a bit more to get a collective coverage.

UNI-CARE 200 can help with dental bills by giving you 10% to 50% discounts on most dental procedures you may need. The plan covers preventive services, major restorative services, orthodontics, cosmetic dental procedures, and so on. UNI-CARE can also help with other health care bills by offering $40 discounts on hearing care products, vision care, hearing care, and prescription drugs.

2. Solstice Plus Plan One

If you need help with dental bills, you can also check out Solstice Plus Plan One.

This plan is one of the few out there that do not just help with your dental bills; Solstice Plus can help you take regular care of your teeth and eradicate your dental bills completely by providing you with free cleanings and dental exams every six months. This means that by paying $134.95 per year, you get two free sets of cleanings and exams in a year. That will surely keep your dental bills controlled.

3. Careington Select Plan

You can also seek help with dental bills from Careington Select Plan.

Careington Select Plan can give you the dental care assistance that you need by cutting the regular costs of your dental procedures into half. All procedures, even dentures, root canals, and so on are all covered. You just have to pay $114.95 per year or add a few bucks and get the family membership, which costs only $169.95.

Which Plan to Choose?

So how exactly should you choose a discount dental plan to rely on?

There are some questions that can help lead you to the right direction. First, ask yourself what kinds of dental procedures would be most useful for you. Do you want to focus on preventive care? Or do you have serious dental problems that you need help with dental bills for? Then you just choose the plan that offers the biggest discount for that kind of dental procedure that you need the most.

Next, how much is your budget? Discount plans charge different fees, so you have to consider that too. Thirdly, how many doctors do you want to choose among? Discount plans have different dental networks, so you have to choose plans with large networks so you will have more options.

These factors can help guide you towards finding the dental plan that can help with dental bills.


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