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Low Cost Dental Implants
Look for Dental Plans to Lower Your Cost

Low cost dental implants are hard to find. Dental implants are today’s top tooth replacement option.

These implants mimic the look and feel of real teeth that no one would be able to make the difference. If you’ve lost your tooth or teeth, you can regain confidence by getting dental implants.

However, getting dental implants is not for everyone, particularly because of its generally expensive price. Implants can take a long time and requires several visits to the dentist to complete the various stages of the surgery. The materials used are also pricey.

Those who want the surgery but don’t have enough cash for it may be on the search for low cost dental implants.

Instead of looking for dentists who offer the most affordable dental implant package, what you should be looking for are financing for any dental implant package offered. Financing options allow you to avail of implant surgery at a reduced fee, with your chosen financier shouldering the rest of the cost.

The best financing options come in the form of dental insurance or discount dental plans that offer coverage for dental implants. Not all dental plans cover implants because some consider it cosmetic dentistry.

But there are some that do offer discounts for implants.

Dental Plans that Offers Discounts on Implants

Some of the low cost dental implant plans include :

  • Careington Care 500 Series
  • HMO dental insurance
  • Military Dental Plan

1. Careington Care 500 Series

low cost dental implantsCareington Care is a well-known provider of dental programs in the country, and its 500 Series dental plan is its main product.

This plan is one of the select few dental plans that offer coverage for cosmetic dentistry. This means that bonding, veneers, and even dental implants are included in the package. Discounts for these specialty procedures can reach up to 20%, so what you have to pay for dental implants is significantly decreased.

As added benefits, the dental program gives discounts of up to 60% for basic and major services such as exams and cleanings as well as dentures and crowns.

To obtain the discounts, all you have to do is visit a dentist who is part of the Careington Care plan. You can change your dentists anytime. In addition, you also get savings on vision care, Lasik procedures, and prescription drug purchases. The plan is offered for individuals and for families.

2. Ameriplan Dental Plus

Ameriplan Dental Plus is another one of the few dental plans that include cosmetic dentistry procedures. This includes bonding, teeth whitening or bleaching, and dental implants.

And while some dental plans with implant coverage offer discounts of around 20%, savings with the Ameriplan Dental Plus can reach up to 80%. Because of this, more than a million people are now enjoying the benefits from Ameriplan. This means you can really receive low cost dental implants.

What’s more is that the plan will not ask you to wait. If you apply, your card will be immediately activated so you can visit your dentist immediately and ask for your desired procedures. Members can apply for a dental plan for families, which can include the entire household regardless of relationships between members. Each household will automatically be considered as one family.

3. Delta Dental Insurance

Delta Dental Insurance has added dental implants to its wide range of benefits.

Delta Dental is one of the biggest and the best dental insurance companies around. The company offers comprehensive dental plans with various coverage and dentist networks for you to choose from. In its objective of providing complete dental care at affordable prices, Delta Dental has added dental implants into its list of covered services.

The coverage for dental implants depends on the diagnosis, treatment plan, and patient decision regarding teeth replacement. Whatever you decide, Delta Dental can help lower the cost you have to shoulder.

Choosing the Right Plan for Lower the Cost of Implants

There are certain very important factors you should consider in choosing the right plan that will offer you low cost dental implants.

For one thing, dental implants replace missing teeth. If you have missing teeth, that could get quite embarrassing; thus, it is important that you look for dental plans with no waiting periods so you can get immediate implants.

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