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Patterson Dental
Leading the Dental Industry to the Cutting Edge

Patterson Dental is an overall dental supplies and services provider. Its main business can be divided into three main areas.

The company provides dental services, dental supplies, and dental equipment and technology, thus catering to both patients and dental care professionals and playing a key role in the advancement of dental care technology.

The Patterson Dental company is made up of two other thrusts: a veterinary branch and a medical branch. The dental branch is Patterson’s most profitable and substantial business.

The company has become North America’s largest dental merchandise distributor and is a leading software and technology solutions expert in the industry.

Patterson, however, is most known for its Patterson Advantage dental programs. The programs are targeted to dental practitioners, especially those trying to start their own practice.

The Advantage programs can help improve the efficiency and productivity of dental practices by providing them with up-to-date equipment and technology to help dentists stay on top of their game.

Patterson Packages

The different packages offered at Patterson Dental include:

  • Silver Dental Package
  • Gold Dental Package
  • Platinum Dental Package
  • Diamond Dental Package

1. Silver Dental Package

patterson dentalThe basic package offered by Patterson Dental is the Silver package with qualifying annual purchases worth $15,000.

The package includes technical service advantages such as priority scheduling and guaranteed emergency response time within 4 hours. The package also includes 5% savings on technical service labor. The total labor warranty lasts for 3 months with the Patterson Advantage Promise.

The package also provides practice management advantages such as a personalized website, a supply management system, special offers from manufacturers, exclusive ontarget promotional offers, and a free DVD from Dr. Gordon J. Christensen. members also get an entire package of Patterson Advantage dollars in 0.50% merchandise purchases, 1 % e-business purchases, 0.50% equipment and technology finance advantage, 10% technical service, 5% Patterson national repair center, and 25% for rental equipment. Lastly, they also receive get incremental growth bonuses.

2. Gold Dental Package

The Gold package, on the other hand, offers basically the same package.

However, it offers 10% technical service labor savings and 6 months of total labor warranty. The same practice management advantages are offered. All in all, the incremental growth bonus is 0.50%. You can qualify for the package with an annual purchase of $30,000.

The package will provide you with the same practice management advantages as provided in the Silver package. However, you get more generous Patterson Advantage Dollars from the Gold package, with rates at 0.75% for merchandise purchases, 1.50% for e-business purchases, 1% for equipment and technology, 10% for technical service, 10% for the repair center, and 50% for rental equipment.

3. Platinum Dental Package

You can qualify for the next package level, which is the Platinum package, with annual purchases of $50,000.

This package will already provide a 24-hour guaranteed response time on service calls on top of the priority scheduling and 4-hour emergency response time offered by the two previous plans. You also get 15% total labor savings with a 12-month warranty.

The dollar discount system also improves, with 1% for merchandise purchases, 1.75% for e-business purchases, 1.25% for equipment and technology, 10% for technical service, 15% for repair center, and no charge for rental equipment. The incremental growth bonus is at 1%.

4. Diamond Dental Package

Last but definitely not the least, there’s the Diamond package.

As the highest package from Patterson Dental, you need $100,000 annual purchases to qualify. As a member of the package, you get the entire technical service advantage package with 20% savings on technical service labor and a labor warranty of 18 months.

You also get discounts on your spending. You get 1.50% off on merchandise purchases, 2% off on e-business purchases, 1.50% on equipment and technology, 10% off on technical service, 20% off on Patterson National Repair Center, and 100% discount on rental equipment.

The Patterson Story

Patterson Dental began as a one-room drugstore in 1877. The first drugstore was located in Milwaukee.

Now, several years later, the drugstore has grown into a large company, and has found its specialty: the dental field. Now, dental professionals put their trust in the 85-branch dental services and supplies provider, and more than 1,500 sales representatives and specialists are offering the services and benefits of Patterson to dental practices in the US and in Canada.

In 1997, Patterson underwent an extensive expansion when it acquired the dental software development company, EagleSoft Inc. In 2004, it once again expanded with the acquisition of the CAESY Education Systems. Later on, other companies were added to the list such as Dolphin Imaging Systems, Dolphin Practice Management, and so on, until it became dentists’ ultimate one-stop source for all their dental practice needs.

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