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Dental Insurance for Seniors
Helping Seniors Enjoy Healthy Teeth

Dental insurance for seniors is an important investment that seniors should make. Seniors are prone to experiencing various problems pertaining to their teeth. And to make their life comfortable, seniors should receive proper care for their dental problems.

But since seniors are not in the position to earn money continuously, dental insurance can help them cover their dental expenses without forcing them to deplete their life savings.

Recognizing the special needs of seniors, a lot of companies have come up with various dental insurance options designed especially for them. As a result, seniors have quite a lot of options to choose from. All options provide coverage for dental expenses incurred by seniors. They only differ in the procedures covered and the way coverage is delivered.

It is important for any senior to consider all possible options before they invest in a dental insurance plan.

Comparing the different options will help them find the right dental plan that fits their unique requirements and preferences.

Types and Various Dental Options for Seniors

Some of the dental insurance options availble for senior citizens are:

  • Managed care plans
  • Direct reimbursement plans
  • AARP dental plans

1. Managed Care Plans

Dental Insurance For SeniorsManaged care plans for seniors are considered as the cheapest option available for those who want to avail of plans on their own.

Managed care plans are offered by organizations who take in members who will be especially privileged to receive all the benefits they offer. The organization already manages all their possible needs, which is why this option is called managed care plans.

There are different types of managed care plans around. There are PPO plans and HMO plans. PPO plans are plans wherein the members are allowed to choose any dentist they choose. PPO dental insurance for seniors also offers comprehensive coverage and flexible requirements.

HMO plans are plans that are more affordable for seniors. These plans only allow seniors to choose dentists from within the HMO network. But since these plans are more affordable, it is considered an ideal option for a lot of people.

2. Direct Reimbursement plans

Direct reimbursement plans are no-hassle plans that allow seniors to seek dental care from any dentist they choose, pay for it, then have the expense reimbursed by the dental plan. This hassle-free option is ideal for those who still have the means to pay for their expenses first

3. AARP Dental Plans

One of the best options for dental insurance for seniors is the dental plan offered by AARP to its members. AARP is an organization that aims to provide assistance and care to seniors. Part of the care they provide is dental insurance.

The dental coverage from AARP is provided by Delta Dental. The coverage is under a PPO network, so members can choose their own dentists and switch from one dentist to another without needing prior notification.

The PPO network open to all AARP members already include up to 67,000 dentists, so seniors who belong to AARP can choose a dentist they feel comfortable with. The discounted portion of your dental expenses will be transacted by the dental plan with the dentist so the seniors do not have to worry about claims and reimbursements. They can just go and enjoy their healthy teeth.

AARP members can choose from the existing dental plans A and B from AARP. Plan A offers free diagnostic and preventive care then provides 80% coverage for maintenance care. Specialty care, on the other hand,is covered up to 50%. However, you can only avail of coverage on periodontics and dentures with a waiting period of 12 months. One good thing about the coverage is that you also get 100% coverage for dental accidents up to a lifetime maximum of $1000.

Plan B is made of a different setup. You need to pay a deductible of $100 and the coverage does not include dental accidents.

Why Consider Discount Dental Plans for Seniors Instead

Seniors can also consider discount dental plans instead of dental insurance for seniors. Discount dental plans provide several advantages over dental insurance policies. Discount plans, therefore, are more convenient alternatives for seniors.

Discount plans do not come with waiting periods, do not charge deductibles, and are easier for seniors to avail.

They are also affordable and seniors can even enjoy flat membership fees instead of fluctuating premiums. Discounts are set based on a fee schedule, so costs are predictable.

They also do not come with various requirements such as forms to fill up and such, which are all very inconvenient for seniors.

Discount plans are also more flexible since seniors can choose plans that do not cover the procedures they will find absolutely no need for.

This option is also highly recommended for seniors who want to get cosmetic dental procedures done. Some discount plans offer coverage for cosmetic procedures while dental insurance usually draw the line at this point. And despite such coverage range, discount plans can still keep costs quite low.

It is obvious why a lot of seniors consider discount plans their number one option when searching for dental insurance for seniors. In fact, a large percentage of seniors in the country rely on discount plans as the most affordable way to seek care.


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